Facebook rolling out Live Location feature to Messenger


Facebook today is adding another new nifty feature to make your life even much more easier. The company is rolling out the Live Location feature to their Messenger app globally. The update will be available to both iOS and Android.

The new Live Location feature will allow users to share their location in real time with their friends and family members. This is quite useful in situation when you want your family members to know where you are or how far away you are from home when you are making your way back at night.

You can share the location with just one person or a group of friends. How this feature works is quite simple. Just tap the new location icon in the conversation. You will be able to share your location with anyone for 60 minutes. As teh app works through Google Maps, it will let you choose for how long you can share your location. Along with that you can stop sharing your location anytime you wish.

Facebook is rolling out this feature out for users globally today. What do you think, do you find any users for this feature?


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