Enjoy Split-View/Multi-Window On any Device With XMultiWindow


It is obvious, that a Rooted device can give users a better support and apps that a non-rooted device can’t. There was once a time, when you need to install a custom ROM to enjoy the features of other devices on your device, even if you just want a single feature. But after the introduction of Xposed Framework, now users can enjoy a specific feature of a specific ROM on their device, without any need to install that Custom ROM, but that feature has to be available for Xposed Framework. Considering the demand of custom features and now that users have got a better way to install them, developers made a lot of Modules of Xposed Framework.


LovewuChin from XDA developers shared a module called XMultiWindow, which has now been updated and works like a charm. You might have been seen the Multi-window view in Samsung Devices and if you have ever used Omni-ROM before, you must be known about the Split-View concept, in which you can open Two Windows on a Single Screen. Again Xposed Framework, will help you in installing Exclusive features of other ROMs on any device.


With XMultiWindow available for Xposed Framework, LovewuChin made it possible for any Android user with Rooted device. When installed and activate, this module can split the view of a Two application on Single Screen. Your device will let the applications share half of the screen for each app. Omni-Rom multi-window has been implemented to many other ROMs, but if you don’t have this feature in your ROM, you can install this Module to try it.

Download Required:

XMultiWindow: com.lovewuchin.xposed.xmultiwindow.apk

XposedFramework Installer: de.robv.android.xposed.installer.apk

To use XMultiWindow you need to install Xposed Framework on your device, Follow:

Xposed Framework, A Unique Way To Customize Your Android Device

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