DynamicNotifications Gives Notifications A Splendiferous Look On Your Android’s Screen


Connectivity is the most important thing in today’s era and Android has paved way for the people to connect to their loved ones all around the world having fixed a small device in pockets with tons of Applications. A number of social chat messengers takes birth every day with and each of them has something unique to offer. What has added charm to this is, the Notifications. Quick notifications (whether these are missed calls, text messages, social messengers, emails or anything else) on Android have allowed the people to get the connected or come across the happenings related to them without any delay.

Android devices display notifications in bar atop of the screen, you can pull down the notifications bar and go for further details. All the social messenger’s notifications, email notifications, call logs notifications and all other apps display notifications in the notification bar and few of em’ like missed calls / sms messages display on the lockscreen of some devices as well, but how about giving the notifications an awesome look? and them displayed on the lockscreen of your homescreen with your desired style and desired background? Well that’s possible now. If you’re just tired of your phone’s old style notifications, then we’ve found something that will give our phone a new style. DynamicNotifications is a great app that displays the multiple notifications on your Android smartphone’s lock screen and makes it a lot easier to come across the missed things without unlocking your device and then opening the notification bar. The app shows it all on the go…

There’s a number of apps available in the Google Play Store that give a nice UI to the notifications on your Android device, but DynamicNotifications is prominent in that list having it’s unique style and offerings. The app allows you to display a notification screen on the lock screen of your phone. Whenever you receive something new, the app lights up your screen with it’s background that you can set in the settings and tells you about what’s new or else pressing the power key / home key shows you the UI of DynamicNotifications on the lockscreen. Pressing the app’s icon, from which the notification has popped up, shows you more details and you can simply drag that icon to unlock or drag it to open that specific app.

Dyamic Notifications comes pre-loaded with a number of options / modifications that you can made. These include complete modification the UI with a number of different Clock styles available inside the app. As mentioned, you can change the background image to one of those available in the app or else you can also pick up a custom background image and put it on the notification screen. Advanced options allow you to change the notification icon size, show multiple notifications, change touch dot styles and much more. For some more awesome features, a pro version of DynamicNotifications is available as well that only costs $1.99. Not too costlier specially when the app has something cool to implement.

Here are some screenshots from the app:

Dynamic Notifications _ Techbeasts (1)

Dynamic Notifications _ Techbeasts (6)Dynamic Notifications _ Techbeasts (5) Dynamic Notifications _ Techbeasts (4)Dynamic Notifications _ Techbeasts (3)Dynamic Notifications _ Techbeasts (2)

You can download this app here: DynamicNotifications Free | DynamicNotifications Pro

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