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Sound Amplifier is the latest application by Google. This application is designed to enhance the listening experience on your Android devices. As the name suggests, it amplifies all the unwanted sounds from your surroundings. Sound Amplifier has been released as a free application. In this post, you can find the latest Sound Amplifier APK. As you go through this guide, you will be able to download Sound Amplifier APK. Before you download it, let us talk a bit more about Sound Amplifier.

Sound Amplifier – Goodbye Noise!

Sound Amplifier basically enhances the microphone audio on your Android device. It uses headphones to provide you with a natural and crispy sound. It is useful particularly in the environments where you have a lot of noise going on in the surroundings. Having this application will not only cut the noises in the sound that you are listening to, but it will also take care of what you are speaking and amplify the mic input. This is a great tool for audible sound output, especially if you are having a conversation with someone in an extremely noisy environment.

Sound Amplifier APK

The amplification options are customizable. Users can set the bar to whatever level they want. If they want, they can increase the amplification level or decrease it too. Furthermore, this application gives options to enhance the sounds for both the left and right ears separately. Users can boost the quiet sounds in loud environments to avoid distortion in the sound. The real time audio processing is in the play in order to reduce all the unwanted sounds.

Sound Amplifier is enabled system-wide. When you install this application, you have to go to Accessibility settings on your Android phone in order to enable this application. This is done in order to give this application all those extra permissions regarding your earphones and the mic. Once enabled, you don’t have to touch this application again and again. It can perform its job well without any confusing settings.

Sound Amplifier APK

Sound Amplifier is quite new at the moment. This application is not available world-wide yet. If you are unable to find it in the Play Store in your country, you can get its APK. The latest version of Sound Amplifier APK is given below. Go ahead and download Sound Amplifier APK right now. The instructions to install Sound Amplifier APK are also listed below.

  • Sound Amplifier APK – Download Link
  • Copy the APK to your Android phone.
  • On the phone, open Settings > Privacy Settings > Unknown Sources > Allow.
  • Open file manager and locate Sound Amplifier APK.
  • Now open the APK and install it.
  • Once done, open Settings > Accessiblity Settings > Enable Sound Amplifier. That’s all.
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