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Are you a fan of playmojis? If so, this is the latest Google application for you. The Playground Childish Gambino is calling all the playmoji lovers to create their own custom playmoji. The Childish Gambino is here to help you with that. Google’s official Childish Gambino application is out in the Google Play Store now. We have got our hands on its APK as well. You can download the Playground Childish Gambino APK from here now. While download the Playground Childish Gambino APK, you will also learn all about this new application.

Playground Childish Gambino APK

Childish Gambino

In case you don’t already know, Childish Gambino is the famous American actor, comedian, singer, and rapper. His real name is Donald Glover. Childish Gambino is the stage name of Donald Glover. Donald Glover is famous for his dance movies, his comedy skills, and also his phenomenal acting. The Playground application in collaboration with Donald Glover has been built to let his fans get a little closer. Playground application will let Gambino’s fans create their desired playmoji. These playmojis can be assigned the dance moves as per the liking of the users.

Playground Childish Gambino APK

For those who have no idea of what a playmoji is, it is basically a cartoon animation of the character. This animation can do everything that the application owner wants it to do. In the case of Gambiano, the playmoji is supposed to act up and dance. The Playground application uses augmented reality to bring the playmojis to life. You can simply turn on the camera of your phone and bring Gambiano to life. You can make the playmoji interact with the real life objects, but of course, all this is happening in the screen of your phone only.

Playground Childish Gambino APK

Playground lovers can download the Childish Gambino APK by following the instructions given below.

Note: You must have the latest Playground and AR Core application installed in order to make it work.

  • Playground Childish Gambino APKDownload Link.
  • Copy the APK to your phone.
  • Open the File Manager on your phone and click on the copied APK.
  • If the APK asks for any permissions, allow it.
  • Complete the installation and launch it.

Childish Gambino Play Store Link.

That’s all folks. If you are facing any difficulties regarding this APK, feel free to reach out to me.

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