Download Last Day Alive APK v0.6.1

Glu is back with a bang! It’s been long since the company released any new game. Last Day Alive is Glu’s take on all the survival games out there. As always, Glu hasn’t failed to impress this time either. The game boasts off extraordinary graphics with a immersive gameplay.Last Day Alive APK

Lately, we have been seeing a lot of Zombie-theme games in the Play Store. It looks like Glu didn’t find the games impressive and they came up with one developed by their own team. The game Last Day Alive will put gamers right in the middle of the hordes of Zombies. The mission is to save the survivors who haven’t turned into zombies yet. Wherever you look, you will find Zombies only. It’s really hard to find a place where you can move all the survivors to ensure their safety. On your quest of finding a safe place, you must fight off the Zombies using every tool and every weapon you got. There’s a variety of rifles, machine guns, explosives and shotguns to choose from. Pick up the one you find the best option for yourself and go ahead with the Zombie killings. Try to take control of all the Zombie bases. Grab their resources and use them against them only. Destroying the Zombie camps will require the use of a chopper. Thankfully, there’s a chopper in the game that you can use. Last Day Alive APK

The interesting part of this game is the alliance that you can form with other players. You can join hands with those connected with the game through an online connection. A group of human beings can work together to slay off the maneaters. If you run out of Zombies to kill, you can start the battles with your friends in the PvP mode. Throughout this entire battle with the Zombies, do not forget to protect your own basecamp. If your basecamp gets compromised, you will immediately put a full stop to your game.

That was all about this game. It’s already out in the Play Store and it comes for free. The game is in its soft-launch phase. It’s not out for all the countries/regions yet. If you want to play this game right now, you may not be able to find it in the Play Store. That’s why I grabbed its APK file and I have uploaded it right here for all the Glu fans.

Download the Last Day Alive APK v0.6.1 for Android and then install it on your phone by following the instructions given next to APK download. You can install the Last Day Alive APK v0.6.1 on any Android phone running Android 4.2 or higher.

Download Last Day Alive APK v0.6.1

  1. Download Last Day Alive v0.6.1  Download Link
  2. Copy the downloaded APK file to your phone.
  3. On your phone, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > Tap radio button to allow.
  4. Now using a File Manager, locate and open Last Day Alive APK.
  5. Proceed with the on-screen instructions to finish Last Day Alive APK installation.
  6. Once done, launch the game from the app drawer.

You can also download Last Day Alive for PC.

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