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China is one of the few countries in the world with strong internet censorship. It extends from the websites and services and blocks Google apps on Android phones altogether. Let us be clear here. Android does not need Google’s apps to work. It is an open-source OS. However, Google apps like Play Store, Maps, Play Movies, Play Music etc add a lot of value to it. Since Chinese Android phones do not ship with it, learn how to install Google apps like Play Store on Chines Android phones.

This article goes through this process with the help of a third-party package installer. It is known as Google Installer 3.0 (formerly 2.0). In order to activate some backend Google services, users are required to install GMSanzhuangqi first. All of these files with installation steps are mentioned installer apk chinese android phone

What is Google Installer?

The main applications by Google do not work properly if you just install their regular APKs. All Google Apps require some backend services to be installed beforehand. This includes Google Play services and few other. Therefore, in order to save an average user from the hassle of finding all necessary apps and installing one by one, Google Installer provides an all-in-one solution. It installs the following apps:

  • Google Services Framework
  • Google Account Management
  • Calendar Synchronization Service
  • Google Play Service
  • Google Contact Synchronization Service

These are the most basic apps that set up the Google Play Store on Chinese Huawei Android phones. Moreover, this works for brands like ZTE, Xiaomi, Oppo, VivoCoolpad, Chuwi, Lenovo, Cube, Teclast, Onda, PiPo, Ployer and OnePlus. There are a certain number of other brands that do not come with Google services pre-installed. This guide caters to all of these devices.

How does Google Installer work?

The basic motivation behind Google Installer is to make it easy setting up Play Store and basic services on Chinese Android phones and tablets. When anyone installs Google Installer APK on their device, it prompts with basic message and introduction of the app. Let us take a deeper look at it and how it works.

It is no secret that China is always taking steps to make sure that the entire internet traffic in this country is censored. The most prominent policy in this regard is “China’s Great Firewall”. This protocol keeps working to ensure that major services like Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, and others stay blocked. The main reason is that Govt wants to intercept entire traffic in and out of the country. And these companies do not comply with their policies.

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Over the past few years, people have started believing that Android requires Google. However, this is not entirely true. Android is an open-source OS which was acquired by Google. Actually, it is still an open-source project but Google has integrated lot of its core apps and services with it. Therefore, when using Android without these apps, it feels quite useless. I mean, come on, Play Store has over 30 Million Apps. Android seems lifeless without it.

Play Store in China

Now, one may assume that they can just go on and install Play Store APK. However, it is not possible. These apps require specific backend framework to work. Since it is quite hectic to find all the right apps and install incorrect order, Google Installer does that for you. It packages all the required apps to run Play Store on Chinese phones and installs them in a specific order. At the end of the process, it is ready to use.

Note that, even if someone installs Play Store in China, they cannot use it without VPN. Check out the guide below and learn how to use it inside China without restrictions.

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Now that we have this discussion out of the way, let’s move on to the installation process.

Download & Install Google Installer APK Chinese Android Phones


  • New Google Core Framework Installer for EMUI 10 & BelowDownload Here [September/October 2019]
  • Google Installer APK – v2.0 – Download Here (Phone older than 2018)
  • Google Installer APK – v3.0 – Download Here (Phone released in 2018 and onwards)
  • GMSanzhuangqi APK (GMS APK) – Download Here

download google installer apk chinese android phones

Installation Steps

  1. Go ahead and download the required files on to your phone.
  2. Open File Manager, navigate to the folder with GMS APK in it.
  3. Tap on its icon and click on Install.
  4. The phone may ask you to give permission to Install Anyway. Allow it.
  5. Once it is installed, go to the folder with Google Installer APK in it.
  6. Tap on its icon and then on Install.
  7. It may also require you to install it anyway.
  8. Next up, open the Google Installer and follow on-screen instructions to install the aforementioned Google Apps including Play Store.

That’s pretty much it! Make sure to follow all the steps mentioned here carefully. Note that these steps are for installing Google Apps (Play Store etc) on Chinese Android Phones only. Whether the device came from China or it is just from one of these manufacturers.

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Last Updated: 26th October 2019

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  1. i have tried it on honor 8x but still “error occurs”.After EMUI 9 with pie update none of the tricks are working on honor 8X,pls make a way,
    And how to downgrade to EMUI 8.2.0

  2. hello ..
    may i ask you some .. i hv tiny China phone Melrose s9 cannot access google app… after intall v 2 n 3…
    framework error always appear … pls help me for solutions thx …

  3. Yh…most times it is very easy to install….but using different steps….if you need any help installing google Playstore on your Chinese device no matter the manufacturer…email me at or WhatsApp +2348139638824. Playstore cannot work on chinese phones without having the core functionality present in GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES. So once I have google play services installed…yu can enjoy your phone to the fullest with google add on functionality…I would have loved to show some images as proof of me running it on phones like gionee gn5001,5002, and the gionee gn series in general…yu can also do that on huawei,xiaomi…xo chat me up

  4. Hello, I need help. I have tried severally to install the GMS on my Coolpad Y75 and the report is that it could not parse the file. What else can I do?

  5. i am also not able ro use google, everytime my phone ask for google service framework wehn i try to us chrome or anything like that, eventually it asks for google service framework to download same thing how to use google play store on oppo a7x

  6. I HV bought Huawei Miamang 8 from China. But google is not working even after installing GMSInstaller and google installer. I have downloaded apps like YouTube, Google Drive , Gmail etc. But they are not working
    Pls advise solutions.

  7. I have a Hisense HLTE200M
    I have install all the apk following the instructions but still getting the message update Google play services
    Play store is not working just displaying white screen or sometime loading icon

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