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GMS Installer is a necessity for all the phones without the Chinese Android phones. The Chinese Android phones do not have Google Mobile Services pre-installed. Those users who wish to install the apps like Play Services, Play Store, and Play Music on Chinese Android phone, they must install the GMS Installer first. You can find various versions of GMS Installer APKs in this post. As you go ahead, you will find the desired GMS Installer APK. I will try to explain the significance of GMS Installer a little more before jumping off towards the GMS Installer APK.

What is GMS Installer?

GMS stands for Google Mobile Services. This is basically a framework which helps all the Google Apps run on an Android phone. There are two basic things needed for the Google Apps to work on an Android phone.

The very first is the presence of Google Mobile Services, and the second is the Play Services App. Without Google Mobile Services, the Google Play Services will not work on an Android phone.

Without the Google Play Services, the Google Play Store or any other Google App will not work on an Android phone. So, to cut it short, without the GMS, you cannot have the Google Play Store on your phone.

Missing GMS in Chinese Android Phones

Chinese Android phones do not have the Play Store pre-installed. They do not have anything named Google installed in them. The phones in China have to comply with the policies of the Government. Since the Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube are banned in China, users are unable to find these apps on their phones.

Users who take a Chinese Android smartphone out of China, they have every single right to enjoy the Google Play Store on their phones. The Play Store is the largest Android App repository after all. Developers have invented the ways to install the Google Play Store manually on Chinese Android phones and the GMS Installer that we are talking about is a part of that process.

How GMS Installer brings the Play Store?

It has to be kept in mind the GMS is the framework only. It does not itself install the Play Store in a Chinese Android phone. After installing GMS, the users need to install another application called Google Installer. It is the Google Installer that installs the basic 6 Google Apps in an Android phone. The Google Installer includes the Play Services, Play Store, Play Music, Calendar, Contacts, and one more application. You will definitely find the Google Installer in this post too.

Assuming that you have a clear idea of what Google Mobile Services are why they are important, let us take a look athe the GMS Installer APK now.

GMS Installer APK

There are different versions of GMS Installers available the moment. There is an installer that goes by the name “GMS Installer”. This Installer works on most of the phones from manufacturers like Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi, Vivo, and others. The GMS Installer works on all the phones released before the year 2018. While the GMS Installer has failed to work on latest smartphones like Honor 8, Honor 8X, Honor 10 Lite, and Honor 8C, a new version of GMS Installer has popped up. This new version goes by the name “GMSanzhuangqi”. So based on the phone you have, download your desired GMS Installer APK from below.

Update 9/25/2019: Google Core Installer for EMUI 10 & Below

A new version of Google Core Installer is available. It can install all the missing Google Framework and Services apps including the Google Play Store on your phone running on EMUI 10 and below. The new app has been tested on the Huawei Mate 30 series and it was found running flawlessly. You can download the latest Google Core Installer from below.

Google Core Framework & Services Installer: Download

Wrap up

The GMS Installer and Google Installer should be enough to bring the missing Play Store in a Chinese Android phone. However, if the phone refuses to install these applications, you will have to check something. In such a case, you can open the Application Gallery on your phone and look for Play Store and Play Services. If there is any such app in the Application Gallery, install it or update it. In this case, you will have the GMS installed by default. This scenario is not common. It happens only with a few Chinese Android phones only.

If you have any questions and queries related to the GMS Installer, feel free to drop them below. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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  3. I tried both versions of gms installer on chinese samsung sm-a9100 android 8.0.0 but failed. It returned “App not installed”. Can you help?

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