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If you recently opened the App Store on your phone, you must have found BitLife in the top charts. This new game by Candywriter, LLC is driving the gamers crazy at the moment. BitLife Life Simulator, as its name suggests, is a simulation give in which you have to live a life. The life starts as a newborn Kid and then goes on and on. You can download BitLife Life Simulator APK from here. The latest version of BitLife Life Simulator is what you can find in this post. Before you download and install BitLife Life Simulator APK, let us take a look at a brief overview of this game.

BitLife Life Simulator

The game starts off by pressing the “New Life” button. At this point, an infant comes into this world and then you have to keep pressing the “+” button. With the increase in the age of the baby, the activities increase too. The game asks you about your intentions with every single year. Basically, the players are the decision makers regarding the life of this baby.

BitLife Life Simulator APK

If you successfully raise your character, you can take it to university or college. Players can fall in love with other imaginary characters. They can adapt a career of their choice. Options to manage all the matters of life are given in this app. For example, you can decide when to go to a doctor, when to see a friend, when to attend a party and so on.

The task in this game is to stretch the life to as far as possible. Making the wrong decisions can result in your death. So, make all the right choices and get your character a great, successful career.

Details of your character appear at the top of your screen. These details include Name, Age, Country, Gender etc. Overall, this is quite a fun game to play. In case you are bored of something, you can play this game just to kill time.

It’s time to get back to the BitLife Life Simulator APK now.

BitLife Life Simulator APK

BitLife Life Simulator is a completely free game. It is available in the Google Play Store at the moment. It was released a couple of days back. Since this game is new, it is hard to find it in some countries. Those of you who are unable to find it in their regions, they can download its APK from here. The safe and sound BitLife Simulator APK is given below. Follow the instructions to download and install it without any further ado.

  • BitLife Life Simulator APK Download
  • Copy the APK to your phone.
  • Open the File Manager on the phone and then open BitLife APK.
  • Install the APK. If the phone asks for unknown apps installation permission, allow it.
  • Finish the APK installation now.
  • Launch BitLife Life Simulator from the App Drawer.

That’s all.

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