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The developers of Rules of Survival have a brand new game to offer. Their latest offering is a game called Cyber Hunter. It is an open sandbox battle royale game. The concept of this game is much similar to the existing survival games. It differs in the graphics department and the gameplay is a little more engaging with the help of some unique elements.

Cyber Hunter APK

Cyber Hunter – A not so different Survival Game

In the survival games, the only mission of the players was to find the ways to survive. However, that’s not the case with this game. Cyber Hunter includes survival, building, demolishing, exploring, and shooting. This game is a combination of different genres. Where players used to jump down from a plane in the survival games, they will be able to jump from any vertical place in this game. All they need is the appropriate height which sends them down for good.

Quantum Cube Energy

Cyber Hunter prompts the players to collect the Quantum Cube Energy. This energy can be acquired by breaking the things in the environment. This means that the more things you break, the more is the amount of energy for you. The material from the broken things will be used to build the material that the players need for their survival and missions in the game.

Everything from the weapons to the vehicles will be constructed with the help of the material that you will collect by demolishing the available objects. Once the players have enough energy, they can even build a watchtower of 12 meters for their protection. Players can team up with other players to increase the manpower. This will help them to crush their enemies faster.Cyber Hunter APK

6 x 6 KM Area

The main highlight of this game is the vertical area. In the previous games, players were bound to the horizontal area which was of 4×4 KM at max. With the help of the vertical area, players now have a 6×6 KM area in total. They are free to move in any direction they want. The developers of this game have improved a lot in the graphics department.

The graphics of Cyber Hunter are much better than all of their previous games. Overall, Cyber Hunter looks like a game worth giving a try. Cyber Hunter is currently in the early stages and it hasn’t been fully released. If you want to play Cyber Hunter right now, you will probably have to get its APK file and that’s what we have here right now.Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter APK

I have got my hands on the Cyber Hunter APK and it is available below. Download the latest Cyber Hunter APK for Android and install it right now by following the instructions given next to the download link. Cyber Hunter APK is in original form and it is completely safe to install.

  1. Cyber Hunter APK – Download
  2. Copy the downloaded file to your phone.
  3. Using a file manager, open the copied file.
  4. If the phone asks for permission, allow the unknown sources temporarily.
  5. Now install the game.
  6. Launch the game from the app drawer. That’s all.
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