[Fixed] Fix Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code

Here’s how you can fix Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code. This issue is known to all Samsung users because Samsung devices are the ones who go through with these types of issues. Once you are in this situation then my friends think your device as a dummy cause you’ll be ripped off of basic functions like Making Calls and sending texts.

What Causes Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code

If you are looking for the reason behind this issue then I can say there is no specific reason which triggers this issue. Like I mess around a lot with my Android devices, I have seen issue after installing a custom ROM, a bad firmware can cause this, you’ve installed un-supported modem while flashing the stock firmware, a culprit app and more.

Let’s start the process to fix Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code on Android devices.

Fix Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code:

Fix Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code

Solution 1:

Try Safe Mode the best option to find a culprit app which may be causing MMI Code issue, people don’t go for this but I recommend that they should. Safe and Sound method to work with your MMI Code issue.

  • First, turn off your Galaxy device.
  • Now press and hold the power key.
  • When you see Samsung Galaxy logo, release the button and then press+hold the volume down button.
  • Don’t let go until your phone finishes the rebooting process.
  • When you see Safe Mode in the lower left corner of the screen let go the volume down button.

Tip: When in Safe Mode, Open dialer, and type “*135#. If this runs perfectly then I am 100% sure an app is causing this issue.

Now you can easily look for the app which is trigging this issue because in Safe Mode all the third-party apps are disabled. Since your device is running stock apps only and I hope you won’t be seeing MMI code error. All that left is to check all the apps you have recently installed before you start getting this error.

Solution 2: 

This is a trick or so-called solution, I would say its a simple trick 😛

All you have to do is add “+” at the start of a prefix or add “,” at the end of the prefix. Both of this symbols will execute the command and disregard all the errors. You will get your desired result.

Solution 3:

This method is a bit more complex then others, you have to mess with your device developer settings. But this method worked for many and they have fixed Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code on Samsung galaxy. Heed the instructions below.

  • Dial *#*#4636#*#* in the dialer
  • Look for Device/Phone Information.
  • Tap on “Run Ping Test “. It will take few seconds.
  • Tap on “Turn Off Radio“.
  • Now, this is the trick, Click on “Turn on SMS over IMS“.

Reboot your device.

Solution 4:

If none of this worked for you then my friends try this one. You need to restart your device several times, Now keep that in mind you have to reboot your device by using this method -> Hold Power and Home button together until your device turns off. Repeat this process like 5 to 10 times.

These are the methods Which I have tried and they worked for me. I am sure you’ll get good results after trying all of these methods. Do tell me in comments sections how it goes with you.

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