Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Common Problems And Fixes


Got your Galaxy Note 8 going through some serious problems? Don’t worry, here are all the Galaxy Note 8 common problems and fixes.

Okay, so we all know that Samsung has been busy boasting about the huge array of features which Note 8 has, but other smartphones don’t. While the world is busy crowning the Galaxy Note 8 and studding one jewel after another in that crown, let us take a closer look into whether this device is performing as it should.  No wonder the Galaxy Note 8 has been receiving all the appreciation for an outstanding resistance to water, 6.3 inches wide screen, AMOLED panel and its great dimensions. The year 2017 blessed us with Galaxy Note 8 which is a phenomenal and diverse flagship smartphone. However, Note 8 has been heard to have some flaws and technical issues that might be worrying you.  So, let’s throw some light on the common issues of Note 8 and how we can fix them. Given below are five common issues of Note 8 and we have listed some easy fixes to all the issues;

Issue 1: Crashing and Freezing

The problem revealed regarding the Galaxy Note 8 is the frequent crashing or freezing. You can, however, resurrect your dead smartphone easily by following tips:

How to fix it?

  1. Try holding down the Power button for several seconds
  2. You can also try a factory reset, by going to Settings > Backup and reset > Factory data reset > Reset the device and then Delete all.

Issue 2: Unlocking Fingerprint Scanner

Some users have complained about facing issues during unlocking the phone or the fingerprint scanner isn’t working right, and as there is no physical home button, therefore the fingerprint scanner is hard to reach on the back.

How to fix it?

  1. Go to the Settings app and then scroll down to “Lock screen and security” from the list.
  2. Select the “Fingerprints” option.
  3. Scan a fingerprint and enable this lock screen method.
  4. Locate the fingerprint scanner on the back and tap your finger on it with a different angle or direction. Do this multiple times until you succeed.
  5. Enter a “backup password” in case the scanner doesn’t work.
  6. Press “Done”.

Issue 3: Face and Iris Scanner Problems

Although the Face and Iris Scanner works great, but your results may vary. If you’re having problems then you can try the following solutions.

How to fix it?

  1. Delete your Iris and save it again.
  2. Try opening your eyes wide the first time, so the scanner gets the best reading possible.
  3. If the facial recognition is not working then we recommend setting up a feature called Smart Lock instead of using your face. It allows the users an automatic unlock in trusted locations at home or work.
  4. You can enable Smart Lock by going to Settings > Lock screen & Security > Smart Lock and enabling it.

Issue 4: Bluetooth connectivity

Although the Note 8 has Bluetooth 5.0 and it should connect faster than ever before. But, some users are facing some serious issues with Bluetooth connectivity which makes it quite hard for the Note 8 users to connect their phones to Bluetooth. However, we have hunted a solution for you.

How to fix it?

  1. You can fix it by either simply restarting your phone or turning on your Bluetooth again.
  2. You can then try turning the Bluetooth off and on repeatedly. Access these settings by going to Settings > Bluetooth.
  3. You can also try unpairing a Bluetooth accessory. For unpairing, you have to follow this route: Settings > Bluetooth > Paired devices. After that, just click on the Forget option.
  4. You can also perform a factory reset after backing up.
  5. You can also head to Settings > Apps > and find “Bluetooth” and clear the cache.

Issue 5: Wi-Fi Connectivity

There have been reported some problem with the Wi-Fi connection of Note 8 as well. The users have complained that even when they are near a Wi-Fi, they are offline and have difficulty connecting with Wi-Fi. Moreover, the Internet speed is extremely poor and slows down unpredictably.

How to fix it?

  1. Try restarting your handset.
  2. You can also try turning the Wi-Fi off and on repeatedly.
  3. Sometimes your smartphone case obstructs the Wi-Fi signals, therefore, removing it might help.
  4. Forget your Wi-Fi network and re-enter the password on the phone by going to Settings > Connections > WiFi. Hold your home internet connection and tap Forget Network. Now, search the WiFi again, connect and re-enter the password.
  5. Reset your network to default settings. To do so, go to settings > about phone > RESET > RESET NETWORK SETTINGS > RESET SETTINGS.
  6. Unplug the power of the router for 10 seconds. Restart it and re-connect your phone to it.

Hence, despite being an incredible smartphone, the Note 8 does has some troubles. But the good news is that you can test and try the above-mentioned solutions easily and get rid of all your troubles. Try these and let you know how useful our tips and tricks are.

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