Clash of the Rivals – Apple’s iPhone X VS Samsung’s Note 8


Ever since the news of Apple’s claimed Best iPhone broke the internet, all the tech geeks are busy weighing the pros and cons of the two phones. Everyone is in a fix and it certainly is hard to decide which one is better. Matching the iPhone X with its fierce rival i.e. Samsung Note 8 is tough, as both the smartphones are right now the hot topics. Apple has claimed that iPhone X has been designed with a futuristic approach and is bound to surpass everyone. Speculating its features, we can easily say that Apple is not overstating and boasting. Thanks to the innovative OLED display, A11 Bionic CPU and a bezel-free design. Apple iPhone X has already been winning the hearts of millions! But we shouldn’t underestimate the grandeur of Galaxy Note 8 in any way. Let’s skim through the features of both the smartphones and see which one wins!

Bezels Or No Bezels?

IPhone X comes in a bezel free design. This design is a breakthrough for the phone and makes it all the more eye-catchy! There is just a tiny front camera and the front is devoid of any bezels as well. In contrast, the popular Galaxy Note 8 also comes without any vertical bezels. Whereas, the horizontal bezels in Note 8 have been reduced to a small portion.

Which One Is Bigger?

 You’ll be surprised to know that the Samsung Note 8 has better screen dimensions. It has a bigger screen that is 6.3 inches wide. It is taller and wider than its rival, which is definitely a plus point for Note 8.  Note 8 has a bigger screen with reportedly higher resolution. Comparing the numbers, we can obviously not call the iPhone X a phablet.

Can It Take A Dip?

Although, it has been rumored that the newly announced three iPhones are better in terms of water and dust resistance, but it can be a bit misleading. Galaxy Note 8 is dominating the iPhone X right now in terms of resisting water. The Galaxy Note 8 has an outstanding resistance to water. It can withstand a depth of 1.5 meter of water, where iPhone X can withstand only splashes of rain.

Does The Headphone Jack Support My Earphones?

Talking about iPhone X, the smartphone supports wireless earplugs only or a few wired earphones with lightning connector. This might not be helpful and cause a lot of unease if you don’t have these accessories with you. On the other hand, The Galaxy Note 8 is not at all choosy. It has a standard 3.5mm audio jack therefore it Will support your any regular earphones without any hassle. Just plug in your earphones and enjoy!

Which Charging Port Does It Support? SB Type-C Port Or Lightning?

Many people might view it as a pro that the iPhone X is going to use the proprietary Lightning port for various functions like charging. But, in real life, you might find it hard to not have a universal standard like USB Type-C. This means you can no longer carry your power banks and use it to charge your iPhone. On the other hand, the Galaxy Note 8 has a standard USB Type-C which makes it easier to charge and transfer data.

Which One Is Faster?

We all know that the iPhone X is using its brand new and powerful A11 Bionic processor. The company says that it is many times better than its previous processor i.e. the A10 Fusion processor. On the other hand, The Galaxy Note 8 is no less and is not lagging behind in terms of Speed at all. It is using the Exynos 8895 octa-core processor, which gives an output equal to that of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

Which One Has A Better Camera?

Good news for camera-lovers is that iPhone X comes with dual 12-MP cameras that have wide-angle lens. This lens is the reason of great pictures in low-light and the telephoto lens in iPhone X is a thumbs up too.  Whereas, the Note 8 has two 12-MP cameras with OIS in both.

Which One Is More Secure?

There is no doubt that iPhone X is coming first time with a facial recognition feature, but we cannot ignore the fact that it doesn’t offer the TouchID fingerprint recognition as Note 8 does.  Having  Face ID feature is indeed a good thing for iPhone X, as it is an innovative system based on AI and can also build a 3D model of a person’s face.

Does It Support Location Based Automatic Unlocks?

The good thing about Note 8 is that it offers automatic login at certain locations. These locations are referred as trusted places and therefore, one doesn’t need to unlock their phones at that place. Note 8 iS using the “Smart lock” feature for this purpose. This feature is lacking in the iPhone X.

Does It Have An Expandable Storage?

A shocking thing about iPhone X is that you cannot expand its storage. However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 does have an option of microSD card slot. You can expand the storage to even 256GB.

What’s Our Final Verdict?

We all can see that there is a lot of silver lining with the release of iPhone X e.g. the A11 processor and wireless charging, but the Galaxy Note 8 is equally strong with a bigger screen and its signature stylus S-Pen.  There is no doubt in the fact that the iPhone X is a refreshing addition in the iPhone family. It has a new chipset but a very hefty price tag too.  Summing it up, iPhone X is great in regards of ergonomics, but for customers looking for a better viewing experience and durability, note 8 is the Way to go.