Change App Icons and Apk File Names in Android


If it is Android and you don’t mess with it, it simply means that you are not happy, we can easily say that whoever brought Android in this world was a genius, but those who took the whole thing to another level are even bigger geniuses. From customization in the root of your OS to the looks of your OS, is not something that you can find easily. Looks can still be managed but changing in the root of your OS is not something that every OEM support. While themes allows you to change the look-out of your Interface, there are fewer applications that lets you change the looks individually, I mean lets say you want to change the Icon of your Facebook application, but individually no app lets you do that.

Then we have app cloning, where we have the app of same name and might be the same icon, then it becomes difficult to know which app you want to launch. Therefore, to make things easier we have to make sure that either the names of apps should be different or the icon must be different. Apk Editor allows you to do a lot of stuff like this, however, if you are not familiar with it, then pay more attention towards what we are doing. In this article we will show you how to Change App Icons and Apk File Names in Android, without further ado let us continue.

Change App Icons and Apk File Names in Android

Downloads Required:

Apk Editor: Link

Java Runtime Environment: Link

How to Use Apk Editor:

Change Apk Name:

  1. Download and Install the Editor.
  2. Open and Drag the Apk file to it.
  3. Once the app is read Successfully, Click the Properties tab.
  4. Click the name and Change it, Change the Mode to Apktool instead of QuaZIP.
  5. Click Pack APK to remake the Apk with new name.

Change Apk Icon:

  1. After the apk is read successfully, you’ll see different dimensions of the icon.
  2. Dimension size depends on which Mobile it will be installed.
  3. Right-Click and choose the image you want to use as icon.
  4. The size will be automatically changed.
  5. Finally Re-Pack the apk and install it on your device to see whether it has changed or not.

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