Best Bitmoji Alternatives for Android and iPhone


Take a look at the best Bitmoji Alternatives for Android and iPhone. These are the best Bitmoji Alternative apps as of January 2020.

With all the options available, chatting is still the most dominating method of communication. It is physible, convenient and more expressive somehow. Emojis (formerly known as smiley faces) have been around since the days of Yahoo and Hotmail chat rooms. For past couple of years, Bitmoji has taken over the competition and more so since integration with Snapchat. In this post, we will go through the list of best Bitmoji Alternatives on the market. It covers aspects like the Keyboard option, the quality and how much of a variety it provides.bitmoji alternatives android iphone

Since the messaging is so deeply rooted in today’s society, people look for more ways to express themselves through this medium. Of course, it is not as direct as video calling or voice calling, but it has its own flavor. When using apps to create custom avatars (like Bitmoji) we add a bit of a comical touch into conversations. People are no longer limited to overused emojis available on every keyboard out there. In fact, personalized emojis make the conversations look and feel more personal.

Why look for Bitmoji Alternatives?

Before heading further, we must learn why is Bitmoji so popular? The plain reason is its integration with Snapchat. It provides little cartoon faces on the contacts list and you can send customized stickers to friends without using a dedicated keyboard. All of these seem pretty good but still, there are some issues.

While Bitmoji is pretty good, other apps like Bitmoji actually provide better quality and more variety. Not so long ago, Google showcased a machine learning-based system that could produce better emojis compared to the current market leader.

Another important reason for downloading similar apps to Bitmoji is availability. It is possible that the official app is not available in some regions of the world. It is either due to geo-restrictions or just government’s restrictions. Either way, if someone wants a cartoon/emoji version for themselves, they must get it!

The most common use of Bitmoji is through its dedicated keyboard. It is not activated by default though. The second dominant use is via Snapchat. Its deep integration with it makes the overall experience quite good. However, when using other apps like the Bitmoji keyboard, users can easily send those emojis in these chats too.

Mirror AI – Android & iOS (iPhone / iPad)

bitmoji alternatives mirror ai

From realistic avatars to having a dedicated keyboard, Mirror AI has it all. The Mirror Emoji Keyboard works well with apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, etc. Moreover, it is super easy to set up. In order to create a new personal emoji in Mirror AI, just take a selfie and let the magic happen. Once processed, either use it as it is or perform some customizations. Once your personal avatar is set, use from a wide range of stickers and emojis to use in chats.

Another cool feature in Mirror AI is the option to create a friend’s avatar from the picture only. Do that and put both of yourselves inside the same emoji. How cool is that! Switch between regular typing keyboard and Mirror AI Keyboard from the notification menu. This process works fastest on Android OS though. iOS is a bit more restrictive in its settings still.

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The only downside to this app could be the lack of the option to download avatar stickers as images. This would be cool but still, it is not a deal-breaker for us. The purpose of this app is to send fun and personalized emoji avatars in chats, and it does that! To be honest, it is one of the best competitors of the Bitmoji Keyboard.

Download – Android | iOS

Kouji – AR Avatar Creator – Android | iOS (iPhone / iPad)

apps like bitmoji kouji

Kouji might just be the biggest competitor of the Bitmoji keyboard. The AR Emoji technology throws 2D stickers out of the water. Experience your personal avatars in 3D form and make them appear in real-world! To make it even more awesome, these emojis are not just limited to their appearance, users can actually do voice-overs and these avatars try to lip-sync it.

The personal emoji game is taken to a whole new level. Either record personal clips or record these with your friends. Save them on the phone or share it on social media. It is up to you. The intelligent character customization system has practically countless possibilities. Therefore, if someone spends enough time on it, they can make pretty much the perfect AR avatar of themselves.

The only downside to Kouji is probably that it requires more effort than its competitors. However, to be fair, it is not really a downside. Once set up, you can make awesome short clips using it. The best part is that these characters show up in the real-world with the help of AR technology.

Download – Android | iOS

Genies – Android & iOS (iPhone / iPad)

While most avatar/emoji apps focus on cartoonish outlook, Genies app is focused on creating 3D avatars. These look pretty realistic. Moreover, these virtual characters can actually mimic the emotions from real-life. For example, you want to send someone an emoji of yourself as angry, happy, crying or whatever, it perfectly captures that emotion.

One of the downsides to Genies’ app is that it forces people to invite their friends to join. Moreover, the customization process of these faces can be pretty cumbersome and long. Therefore, make sure you have a lot of time at hand before you start meddling with it.

Download – Android | iOS

Chudo – Android | iOS (iPhone / iPad)

apps like bitmoji chudo

Create real-time emojis with characters like Santa, Snowman, Reindeer, Giraffe, Avocado and many more. Chudo Messenger uses AI technology to fix special characters’ faces on users in real-time. This is a fun idea when you don’t exactly want a lookalike Bitmoji but a more fun and fictional character. However, the AI will make the character customizations to make these faces resemble your personality.

Do you wear glasses? Scan your face in the Chudo app with glasses on. This way, each of these characters will don a pair of glasses similar in shape to the ones you use. These customizable and fun looking characters are not limited to images only. Make videos, record sounds and these AI masks will record lip movement too. All the avatars are created in real-time. These are not regular stickers. But record fun clips using different skins and share with friends.

Download – Android | iOS

Moji Edit – iOS (iPhone / iPad)

bitmoji alternatives moji edit

While most avatar creating apps focus on stickers and life-like characters, Moji Edit makes more usable and mini emojis of your personal avatar. Unlike Bitmoji, you get emojis with various moods and expressions (over 1500 attributes). Use these emojis the same way as someone would use the smiling and laughter emoji on WhatsApp. The cool thing is that its dedicated keyboard makes the whole process a lot easier and convenient.

The biggest downside of Moji Edit is that it is only available for iOS (iPhone and iPad) right now. We hope that its Android counterpart gets released pretty soon. Apart from this, users get limitless options for customizing their avatars, creating profile picture-worthy images and more. Use this in more than one way possible!

Download – iOS

Emojily – Android | iOS (iPhone / iPad)

bitmoji alternatives emojily

Not everyone wants a personalized avatar and use it as their emoji. Emojily is a brilliant emoji keyboard like Bitmoji that offers non-lookalike creations and customization of characters. There are thousands of accessories and options to choose from. Customize your personal emoji character with different kinds of hats, face types, unique characters and creatures, accessories, colors and more.

Once a character is one, generate countless emojis in the keyboard and thousand of attributes. Want to send a sad or happy emoji? Why not send the ones from the stack of self-generated ones. This is better than using the regular ones but it is not as personal as using AI and machine learning to create a replica of your face.

Download – Android | iOS

Try out other apps like Bitmoji!

We can all agree that Bitmoji has penetrated the social media and especially Snapchat, thanks to its massive integration. However, it does not mean that one doesn’t give a go to other apps like Bitmoji Keyboard. We have created a list of various apps above. These range from regular 2D avatars to 3D avatars to AR emoting characters to non-lookalike-yet-self-generated emojis. Make sure you give these options a go. Since all of these apps offer something unique and new, it would be a great way to explore new ways of expressing yourself in chats.

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