9 Best Android Games Under 10 MB [ 2019 ]


Here are the 9 Best Android Games Under 10 MB. I have seen people playing mini-games more than games like PUBG or Fortnite on mobiles. Moreover, not everyone buys high-end Android devices. You will see that low-end devices are sold more than big guns. That’s why we have created this post. Today you will get 9 best Android games under 10 MB. These games are lightweight when it comes to space. Not only that, they are addictive like hell.

The best thing about these games is that they perform really well on low-end mobile devices. We have seen huge improvements in Android games since the first day. No one has ever thought that games as big as 1GB can be played on a smartphone. But now things are changed and there are many games which are bigger than 1GB. But all of these games can be played on high-end devices, low-end devices cannot support such heavy graphics.

Android Games Under 10 MB
Android Games Under 10 MB

Well, it seems low-end devices owners can have this type of entertainment. But who cares there are a plethora of Android games which are less than 10MB in size. All of these games will run smoothly on your low-end devices. So let’s get started and give you the Best Android Games Under 10 MB.

9 Best Android Games Under 10 MB:

Following are the best Android games under 10 MB. We’ve collected these games, especially for low-end smartphones.


It’s a simple matching game. You need to match four or more square of the same colors to empty the grid. The main goal of this game is to stop the grid from filling. Keep in mind that if you miss a single attempt, new squares will be added to the grid. So your goal is to get going and keep the gird empty. Upon clearing a level you will get points and a number of achievements will be unlocked. You can download the 7×7 game from the link below.

Flow Free: Bridges:

Flow Free is one of the widely played puzzle games available for Android. Once you play it, you will definitely fall in love with this game as it is addictive more than anything. You got join different colors by drawing pipelines in the puzzle boxes and you can’t let pass 2 pipes from the same line, else you will break the flow. There are over 1000 puzzles available, and you can easily spend hours of playing if you are getting bored because this game will never let you feel bored.

Flow Free: Bridges
Price: Free+

One More Brick:

If you love bubble shooter game then you will love One More Brick. This game has the same gameplay as bubble shooter but not only you will get the bubbles. Instead of that, you will get brick and bubble. Download the One More Brick from the following links.

One More Brick
Price: Free+

Flying Bird: Arcade Game:

If you loved Flappy Bird then you will love this game. Flying Bird is the clone of Flappy Bird and you will get nuts while playing this game as you use to do while playing Flappy Bird.

Chain Reaction:

If you were looking for a lightweight strategy game then you got your self one. Chain Reaction is the one for you, I have played this game and trust me it is not as easy as it looks. The game is pretty simple, you have to place your orbs in the contained cell. Now once the Cell has reached to the deciding mass the orbs placed in the cell will explode. Once the orbs explode they will claim all the cells in the surroundings.

Chain Reaction
Price: Free

Pixel Dungeon:

Pixel Dungeon is a rouge-like turn-based dungeon crawler with pixel workmanship illustrations. While investigating the profundities of Pixel Dungeon, you need to gather valuable things, battle beasts and discover antiques. In this diversion, you advance, you bite the dust, you begin once again. Every one of the components of this diversion including weapons are arbitrarily created.

Pixel Dungeon
Price: Free+


If you love to solve the puzzles then you’ll love 2048 puzzle game, a unique and mind-blowing puzzle game. You have to join the tiles and get to 2048 tile exciting, isn’t it. ( Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles. When you touch tiles with the same number, they merge into one and when 2048 tile is created, the player wins ).

Price: Free+

One touch Drawing:

This game is pretty simple yet very addictive. You have to draw everything but there is a catch, all of these drawings you will make. You have to do it with one touch. There will be a number of Shapes which you need to draw with one touch. The difficulty will be increased as you move on to further levels. You have to connect all the points with one touch. Make sure you don’t cross one line over another, if you do, you need to start over.


You have to connect dots with each other through lines, making longer lines results in earning more points. The game has different challenging modes, including the timer mode where you have to complete the challenge within a given time. You are able to earn different power-ups and credits that can be used in later stages of the game.

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