Fix Asus Zenfone Max Plus (M1)Black Screen of Death issue


Let’s us tell you what should you do to Fix Asus Zenfone Max Plus (M1)Black Screen of Death issue. Nowadays Black Screen of Death issue is getting common on Android device. However, if your device is not damaged because you have dropped it on a hard surface. Moreover, your device was not submerged in water for a long time. If none of this has happened then you can fix your device by yourself.

The one factor which is the ultimate reason for Black Screen Issues on Android device is system crash. A system crash can occur because of many things. We have fixed many devices and as per our experiences, your apps are behind system crash most of the time. It’s all said and done. Let’s get going on with our main topic. How to Fix Asus Zenfone Max Plus (M1)Black Screen.

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Asus Zenfone Max Plus (M1)Black Screen

Fix Asus Zenfone Max Plus (M1)Black Screen of Death issue:

Most of the time when we see our device turns off by itself, the first thing comes to our mind is that it’s a hardware issue. It’s a common thing, but not all the time it’s the hardware. Sometimes your firmware is behind all this, once your firmware crashes your device becomes unresponsive even to its charger.

Asus Zenfone Max Plus (M1) Details.

The method we are providing is the best troubleshooting for an Android device when it goes to black screen state. Let’s get started.

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Asus Zenfone Max Plus (M1)Black Screen:

  • Press and Hold down both volume and Power button for 10 seconds.

If your device is not facing hardware issues then it would probably boot up normally. If not then follow the steps below.

  • First, only press + hold volume down button.
  • Now do the same with Power button and don’t let it go for 15 seconds.

Hope to see your device will boot up. If there is no life sign I think your device battery is all drained up. Try the following solutions.

  • Put your device on Charging, USE the original Charger or Try charging your device wirelessly.
  • Try to charge your device using your PC.
  • Make sure you charge your device for minimum 10 minutes.
  • Now try the solution provided above.

That’s all. We’ll be updating this post. Whenever we find a new method which can be helpful for this specific issue. Till then try these steps and also let us know how did it go.

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