Download Asus Zenfone Flashtool for PC


Asus Zenfone owners can always update their phone manually with the help of the Asus Flashtool. In order to update your phone using Asus Zenfone Flashtool, you need RAW files of your firmware. Asus Zenfone Flashtool is useful when an update for your phone is not available through OTA. You can grab the files and install the update manually on your phone. 

In the recent few years, Asus has emerged as a really impressive smartphone manufacturer. The Zenfone lineup by Asus has quite good Android handsets that can be used as your everyday computing devices. Asus’s Zenfone smartphones are now being used by hundreds of thousands of users all across the world. There’s a plenty of developers working on custom ROMs, custom recoveries and custom mods for the Asus Zenfone smartphones. If you ever get yourself caught up in a situation when there’s no solution to fix your phone except for flashing a new stock firmware, Asus Zenfone Flashtool is going to help you out.

Another use of Asus Zenfone Flashtool is that you can backup your entire data including your call logs, contacts, SMS messages and the media content as well. You can simply connect your phone to your computer and press the backup button. Similarly, you can restore all of your data in a few taps as well.

Asus Zenfone Flashtool is available for the Windows OS. You can install the Asus Zenfone Flashtool for PC on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and the latest Windows 10. In order to use Asus Zenfone Flashtool, all you need is an Asus Zenfone handset and an original data cable to connect your phone. You can look up the internet to find the firmware RAW file for your phone and flash that using the flashtool.

Download Asus Zenfone Flashtool for PC

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