iPhone X: List of problems users have been encountering so far

A $999 smartphone would be this perfect compact computing device that would never exhibit even an iota of a problem. Well, if you were living in a perfect world, that would have been the case but iPhone X owners have been complaining about a lot of issues plaguing the the bezel-less smartphone.

iPhone X: List of problems users have been encountering so far

For an expensive phone like this, you don’t really expect too many issues to pop up but you’d surprised how incorrect your assumption has been. No matter how expensive a piece of technology is, you always run the risk of having something wrong with it and here is a list of all the known issues that iPhone X owners have been experiencing thus far.

Extremely fragile

Apple has shifted away from the ‘complete metal’ body and introduced an aluminum and glass plate, which gives the iPhone X the ability to charge itself through wireless induction, or wireless charging as a common phrase. The problem is that this makes the iPhone X extremely fragile, and though Apple claims that this is the strongest layer of glass present on the iPhone, that is not true.

There have been drop tests of the iPhone X revealing just how delicate it is and if you manage to break the back glass panel, Apple is going to charge you $549 for it. That price tag alone is more than enough to help you buy a decent Android phone like the OnePlus 5, but Apple seems to enjoy making money off your mistakes.

Screen burn in

This is the first phone from Apple to get employed with an OLED screen. Phones that feature OLED screens are prone to screen burn-in. Screen burn-in is a common trait with devices that use OLED panel technology.

It occurs when a static image remains present on the screen for a long period of time, resulting in the ghosting of that image on the display. Apple states that it will try its best to mitigate this issue through the convenience of software, but you’ve been warned. If you plan on purchasing the iPhone X, then chances are that you might run into this problem.

Unresponsive in cold weather

Some users have also been complaining that the iPhone X’s lack of touch responses in cold weather has become a common sighting. Apple claims that it is working on a software update to help get rid of this problem. For a $999 smartphone, a rare issue like this should not take place.

Under normal circumstances, manufacturers do warn that users should keep their mobile phones away from extreme climates, but they don’t exactly specify if the touchscreen would start giving you delayed responses from time to time.

Vertical green line appears on display

A pink line appeared on some Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge devices too, and Samsung offered to replace the afflicted handsets with brand new units. With the iPhone X, a green vertical line has been appearing at random locations inside the boundaries of the OLED panel.

Even hard resetting the phone did not solve the problem, so if you have an Apple retail store in your proximity, it would be best if you let the people at the ‘Genius Bar’ see what exactly is the problem. Chances are if this has not been caused due to human intervention, you will be getting a replacement unit free of cost.

Crackling speakers

Crackling speakers was an issue that managed to find its way in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and now we see it on the iPhone X. The 5.8-inch flagship features an earpiece that doubles as a speaker and uses the bottom-placed speaker to throw out sound as well.

Unfortunately, some users have reported that while listening to music or watching videos, a slight crackling noise would emanate from the iPhone X. These issues have also taken place during calls and Apple has been providing replacement units free of cost.

It has not been detailed if this problem is related to hardware and software but Apple has yet to comment on what is happening.

If you happen to have an Apple retail store near your position, it is best to take a trip down there and explain all the problems you’ve been having with your iPhone X. With any luck, you’ll be given a free replacement without any fuss. Regardless, Apple should also start to ramp up its quality control checks with a stricter rule and make sure if any of these problems can be eradicated using upcoming software updates.

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