AR shopping might be possible with the Google Lens, according to executive


There has been a very small amount of news development for the Google Lens and even though it is in its early stages of development, you never know how useful it might become for you.

AR shopping might be possible with the Google Lens, according to executive

A Google executive might have an idea on how this feature will become useful for you in the coming future. After the recent introduction of direct imports to Google Keep and OCR (which stands for optical character recognition), the biggest news that users and Google Lens could see is AR shopping.

Information regarding AR shopping is very scarce at this point, but we might have an idea wrapped around on how this might work. For example, you are pointing your smartphone camera at something and it might be pointed towards a shirt or a consumer electronic. You might not be standing in front of the retail outlet when this is going on but when you do use that smartphone camera, you could automatically be getting prices and online store links for it on your phone.

The feature is currently present right now but users will not be able to take advantage of it thanks to its rudimentary state, according to Google Lens’ engineering lead Rajan Patel.

“Shopping (apparel, home goods, etc) in the works. Natural world (flora and fauna) improvements coming. Team just sent me an amazing new OCR model. Experimental AR experiences coming as well…”

Other features that could be coming to Google Lens apart from satisfying your inner shopping demon is the identification of different wildlife ranging from plants and animals. Google Lens might also be looking to gear up education and the value of the various different and unique things you come across every day.

While this might be helpful for someone who wants to buy something immediately, fulfilling a part of education might also be a long-term goal for Google Lens.