Update Sony Xperia L C2104/C2105 to Android 4.2.2 [15.3.A.0.26] Official Firmware


Sony’s Xperia L is a mid-range Android smartphone. The phone was pulled out by Sony back in March, 2013. Sporting a 4.3 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen display with 243 ppi, the device is equipped with a  Qualcomm MSM8230 Snapdragon Dual Core CPU clocked at 1 GHz, having Adreno 305 GPU. The device is supported by a 1 GB RAM and the internal storage space is 8 GB while the device supports a microSD card as well up to 32 GB.

Out of the box, Sony Xperia L runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Sony promised its users that the Sony Xperia L will get  Android 4.2.2, so, overcoming its promise Sony has rolled out the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update for Sony Xperia L. While each Android update is packed up with a lot of bug fixes, stability and performance enhancements, we’re sure that the Xperia L got much better with the Android 4.2.2 update.

Xperia L

You can update your device to Android 4.2.2 though Sony PC companion by connecting your phone to your PC and checking for the update in Sony’s official PC suite software (Sony PC Companion) or through the OTA updates, for this hit Settings>About Device >Software > Check for updates and get it done if the update is available.

The official updates take quite long to reach the different regions through OTA updates or through the Sony PC companion, while some of the users can’t wait to get their hands on the newest firmware running on their device, they try to find a method to update their phone to the latest firmware manually. We’ll be having a look on a method to update the Sony Xperia L to Android 4.2.2 manually, scroll down to begin…

Before we go ahead, here are some of the pre requisites you must have:

  • Make sure that your phone is charged over at least 60%. It is highly recommended in order to complete the process successfully and prevent any mishap regarding the device’s power.
  • Use the original data cable for establishing the connection between your phone and PC.
  • Make sure that you’ve installed the Sony PC Companion and Sony Flashtool properly. You may find the links with guides below.
  • Make sure that your device is Sony Xperia L, don’t try this method on any other device.
  • Choose your device’s model carefully under Settings > About device, and download the exact firmware for your device.
  • Make sure that you back up all of your important ContactsCall Logs & Messages. Although rooting your device does not delete any files, but this is highly recommended as it may become helpful in case of any mishap or data loss.
  • All Set? Let’s go ahead now.

Files you need to download:

Sony Flash ToolDownload it Here [Follow the guide carefully to install Flashmode drivers]


Sony PC CompanionDownload it Here.

Download the firmware for your device carefully:

  • Download Android 4.2.2 [15.3.A.0.26] Firmware for Sony Xperia L C2104


Here’s how to Update Sony Xperia L to Android 4.2.2.

  1. After you’ve successfully installed and understood the Sony Flashtool, and downloaded the firmware file, that is in .ftf format, place the .ftf file in Flashtool>Firmwares folder. The Flashtool folder should be in the drive where you installed the Sony Flashtool, and there should be a Firmwares folder in   it.Screenshot_6
  2. After you’ve placed the .ftf file in the Firmwares folder, Open Flashtool.exe.
  3. In Flashtool, hit the lightening button on the top left, select whether you want to run Flashmode or Fastboot mode.Flashmode is the one you’ll need most probably while you’re trying to install an ftf file, select it and press Ok.Screenshot_1
  4. Select the firmware or the file that you placed i the Firmwares folder, and make the other selections accordingly, below is an image showing the procedure for a firmware’s ftf file. After you’ve settled it up, hit the Flash button at the bottom now, it will start loading the ftf file and show you logs. Screenshot_3Screenshot_4
  5. As soon as the file is loaded, you should see a pop up, prompting you to connect your device to the PC in Flashmode.
    1. Screenshot_5
  6. Now, turn off your device, and connect to your PC using the original data cable while keeping the Volume down key pressed. You should see the Green LED on your device.
  7. After you’ve connected your device successfully, the Flashing will start, wait and sit back while the flashing gets completed. You should see the logs now, as soon as it is done the ”flashing done” will appear at the bottom.

That’s All! As soon as the flashing is done, remove your device from your PC and turn it on. You’ve the latest Android 4.2.2 firmware running on your device. Verify it by opening Settings > About Device > Firmware.

In case of any difficulties or queries, feel free to leave us a comment. We will try our best to help you out. Thanks!

Usama is a software engineer by profession and at TechBeasts.com he uses his expertise to solve everyday consumer tech problems with his main areas of interest being Android, iOS and Windows.


  1. hi usama i really need your help i want firmware (15.0.A.2.17) Generic US for my Xperia L C2104 later i will update my xperia to (15.3.A.0.26) using sony pc companion… don’t want indian firmware bc some apps like sony live and other apps are in it which cannot be removed and i don’t use these apps…after unlocking bootloader when i power on my phone it only show the waves now it needed to be flashed plz help me … :'(

    • @qasim_abbasi:disqus it looks like you’ve messed up the bootloader. What you can do now is, flash this firmware on your phone and fix it first. I’ll find out the Generic US firmware and give it to you later, but at the moment fix your phone first, and after that you can root it and delete the unwanted system apps, that’s not hard at all, you can even stick to the indian firmware after removing the unwanted system apps.

      • i’ve fixed my phone and this firmware work fine thanx Usama and i’m
        waiting for the old firmware when you get the firmware plz update me about the firmware and is it true that sony is thinking that about 4.3 JB for Xperia L 21042105 once again thanx 🙂

        • @qasim_abbasi:disqus yes, its true, Sony will be rolling out the Android 4.3 update soon. Glad to know that you’ve fixed your phone, i’ll get back to you shortly with the old firmware you need. Enjoy 🙂

          • hi usama i want to install all app directly to my 8gb sd card and
            also want to move my game to sd card and i’m using link2sd app but after creating two partition on my sd card when link2sd app says select file system of your second partition i select ext2
            partition and it says reboot your device after restarting my phone it
            only show wave and automatically restart again and again when i take out
            sd card it normally start without restart what is the problem how can i
            create two partition for link2sd app or is there any other way for
            moving app and install directly to sd card

          • I recommend gl2sd app for moving apps to external sd card. You do not need to create any parition, you can simply move the games from internal memory to ext card using GL2SD.

          • thanx man but GL2SD automatically detected on 2 apps es explorer and

            iron man 3 what about other apps an how to run a game when i install manually bc when i start the any game size up to 1.23GB it say’s download with wifi
            and GL2SD version is 2.2.0

          • To install a game manually you need to download its data and apk file, you can place the data under Android > obb folder and simply install apk and start playing. Later you can transfer the data folder to external sd card using GL2SD. As you downloaded GL2SD from play store, it must be the latest version.

  2. hi Usama, i am trying to update my xperia L from past few hours by using PC companion. I have downloaded firmware, but as u see in PC companion after getting downloaded its shows 5 steps explaining how to update the phone. After I unplug the original usb cable n plug it again holding down volume key, it shows a sudden red n green light,and does not get updated. please help. if i re-install pc companion will my downloaded data b gone? how do i fix this problem, plz help.

    • @gauravgondane:disqus I am assuming that you are trying to update your phone following the above guide? IF so then, this work is being done by Sony Flash Tool, not by PC companion. You need to follow the guidelines explained above carefully and this should work for you.
      You need to load the firmware first in the flashtool, then turn off your device, and then keep pressed the volume down key and connect the USB cable, the flashing process will start and go fine then.

      • hi usama, i am downloading flashtool, but i have a query. the size of system update notified by my xperia l is 308mb and the file i am downloading here is of 685.07mb. Is it because of .ftf format?

        • @gauravgondane:disqus the update size your phone is specifying is only the update size, while the ftf file has the complete OS. You should not worry about it as the internal memory size of your phone will remain the same. Good Luck

          • Hi usama! Thanks for the upload. U rock!!! I wanted to know one thing. Is ‘stamina model function has been changed… I mean, earlier when I used to turn on stamina mode the led light use to stop working, but it’s not since I have update my phone!

  3. hi Usama, I am not able to connect my phone through PC companion. each time i connect my xperia L with PC companion it says “unable to connect to the server”. so i am thinking to upgrade my Xperia through Flashtool. for that i need to install my Xperia L c2104 drivers also at the time of installing the drivers for flashtool. BUt in the list i did not find Xperia L name. Can you please tell me which driver i need to install if i only want to upgrade my phone with Flashtool?

    • @disqus_L9SBwQTXr9:disqus If you’ve installed Sony PC companion, and your device is detected by the PC then you do not need to install drivers for Xperia L using Flashtool drivers. Simply install Flashtool and Fastboot drivers from Flashtool drivers menu and flash the latest firmware in your phone. This should work fine now. I hope that resolves your problem, in case it doesn’t let me know, i’ll digg out the best possible solution for the matter. Thanks

      • this is the problem actually. My phone is detected by my PC but when i connect through PC companion it shows me the error message that unable to connect to the server

        • @disqus_L9SBwQTXr9:disqus if unable to connect to server that means your internet can’t connect pc companion to server or the update isn’t available via pc companion. Connect your device as mtp connection or try enabling the USB debugging options and try using flashtool. Hope it works for you now.

  4. Hey – while upgrading my C2105 to 4.2.2 the whole process got stuck and I had to disconnect my phone from the laptop. My phone did end up being updated but I’m having issues with the new software. The phone has slowed down etc. Will this process help?

  5. @gauravgondane:disqus Glad to know that it worked for you 🙂 There might be an update with the LED for Stamina mode, you can also manually turn off the led from settings if you want to save battery by turning it off. Thanks for leaving the feedback, if you got any further queries, feel free to ask! HAve a nice day.

    • Hi usama… How can I downgrade my phone to the older version 4.1??!? The latest firmware is horrible…! My phone takes long time to get charged n discharge very soon.. Chrome crashes n Google is unable to detect the precise location of the phone. When I tried manually.. The phone restarts. Well, this problem is only with chrome. I reset my phone twice.. Now chrome does not crash but unable to detect precise location. And still, restart is on!!! Please help me to get my older version back!!! 🙁

    • Hi usama.. How can I downgrade my phone to the older version 4.1?? The latest firmware is horrible!! Many bugs… As chrome crashes, phone restart randomly, taking long time to get charged… N so on. Please help me 🙁

  6. For your satisfaction, you may go with this procedure and it should help. Follow the guide carefully, don’t forget to let us know after updating. Good Luck.

  7. hi!
    i’ve already updated my Xperia L’s firmware with the newest 4.2.2 build 15.0.3.A.26 for Indonesian market.. it seemed fine at first. i love the newest camera functions, the smoothness of the user interface etc. But later on, i found that at least once a day it will restart / rebooting by itself while i use certain applications. it always happen and i never experienced it with the previous firmware (4.1.2). So i have tried (insanely) to do the factory reset once. everything seemed fine (again) but i experienced (again) the same problem. to be honest, i don’t mind to have this problem at first, but later on i think it’s quite annoying for having that hiccup every day. well, i just did the second factory reset (soft reset) again via Sony Update Service software. i just hope it will be just fine. well, enough with the sharing, here is my question :p :

    i’m thinking about doing hard reset via recovery mode. could you please tell me how to do it exactly? because i have tried many button combinations and it’s just not working. i’ve tried volume up+volume down plus power button, and many other combinations. but it’s just not working at all. any ideas?

  8. Hi, thanks for the info, but my sony xperia isn’t showing any green light nor conection when pluggin and pressing the volume down button. Any help would be apreciated.

    • @disqus_0oHV8oLosO:disqus make sure that you’ve installed the flashtool, flashtool drivers for sony xperia L and also the fastboot drivers. Follow the Flashtool guide lined above carefully and then connect your phone.

  9. hiii,i have downloaded the firmware from the link given.But it is in ZIP format.The flash tool does not detect the ftf file.Where can I found the ftf file?plz help me

    • @ankurranjangogoi:disqus Unzip the zipped file and you should get the ftf file. Flashtool will always detect the ftf file, follow the flashtool tutorial carefully.

  10. hey usama,my xperia l is rooted & it’s bootoader is locked. To flash this ftf file,do i need to unlock the bootloader??? and after updating’ do i’ve to root my phone again?? And what is the difference between generic world ftf and other countries ftf ?

    • @sadimohammadhridoy:disqus No you do not need to unlock your bootloader, just follow the tutorial above and flash this firmware. and between the Generic and Other countries firmware, the difference is only in the pre installed applications, nothing else, so you may go for the one you like, doesn’t make a difference.

  11. @gauravgondane:disqus It would not be wiser to go back to an older firmware, perhaps if you wish, that is possible by rooting your phone and flashing through cwm recovery, the method will be different for that, try to optimize your phone by closing the running processes. If Chrome is causing the problem you may try opera mobile, that’s even better.

  12. @gauravgondane:disqus and also you may try another thing. Flash this same firmware once again, but in flashtool under the wipe options select “Cache, Dalvik Cache, Data”. This may fix the issue upon completely clean installation.

  13. hello
    my xperia l was rooted in debug mode & now not booting will the above process will do some gud
    pls help me on this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. yes one more thing forgot to mention
    when i connect my l the companion isn’t detecting the phone coz its in debug mode & now not booting

    waiting for ur response asap !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @deviscarter:disqus When it loads the firmware, turn off your phone and press the volume down key, and plug in the cable. Keep the volume down key pressed until the flashing is finished 🙂 It should work perfect now, let me know about it.

  15. Hi Usama, I have mistakenly download the new firmware 15.3.A.1.12 to my Xperia L which has lots of bugs and have my device a piece of junk.

    1). Proximkty kept on blinking after missed call.
    2). Camera jurks while autofocussing all the time
    3). Screen auto brightness option have been made so dim in low lights
    4). Battery is not giving enough backup as before.

    Is it possible that i can use your method to Downgrade my device to the previous firmware 15.3.A.0.26 which was running on my device without any problem?

    Please let me know at the earliest before i take another wrong step 🙁 waiting for your kind response.

    Kenneth Eric
    Islamabad, Pakistan

    • @kennetheric:disqus if the previous version is the same i.e Android 4.2.2, you can flash it, if it’s another Android version, don’t downgrade it straightly.

      • Yes, the previous version was 4.2.2 (15.3.A.0.26) which was upgraded to 15.3.A.1.12, They new version has made my life hell :(. Is it OK if i do the downgrade with the version provided by you “XL_15.3.A.0.26_Generic-World” with the help of the given Flashtool? Coz who knows when Sony will launch the next update.
        Waiting for your response. many thanks in advance 🙂

  16. I have a problem with xperia l C2105 4.2.2 15.3.A.1.14 may have my root so the main camera functions become problematic. Always appear Unfortunately, Camera has stopped. How to normalize? Strangely, if you use another camera application is not problematic.

  17. I’ve just bought my Xperia L c2105 like 4 days ago. and updated to 15.3.A.1.14 it work pretty fine yesterday, and then i received a call from my friend we talk for several minutes and after she hangs up my phone just black out, i know it is still switch on because the lights below still blinking.

    I already tried doing the PC companion repair/update. and it is still showing blank screen 🙁

    Please help me!

      • and also i’ve tried to call my phone its ringing but the screen still blank, hope your guide will work.. its so upsetting to have new phone that doesn’t work 🙁

    • @disqus_8wjDCHWCcE:disqus in the picture Stamina mode is enabled, what problem are you facing? This a stock ROM, it shouldn’t have any bugs.

  18. please help me i have recently purchase Xperia L c2104 recently Update 4.2.2 and after stamina mode is not working properly. This Image is help you to what i can tell you….PLEASE HELP

  19. hi i Unlock bootloader of my xperia l after that its switched on but not showing OS display it is stuck in loading os

  20. Thanks for the firmware dude, but after flashing it, bluetooth and wifi not working, when i turn on wifi, my phone gets stuck and keeps restarting again and again

  21. dude I am not able to flash the file .. ive tried many times and everything is installed properly.. still not working man .. pls help man ..

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