How to Unbrick OnePlus 3T


OnePlus 3T is one fabulous device from the Chinese manufacturer. OnePlus 3T boasts off the top-notch hardware of the time when this phone came out. The phone sports a solid build and a very good-0n-eyes design. OnePlus 3T was warmly welcomed by the audience all across the world.

It didn’t take long for the developers to come up with custom ROMs, modifications, and tweaks for this phone. OnePlus makes it easy for the users to unlock the bootloader of their phone and flash custom recoveries, root the phone or perform any other custom process. While trying to customize the phone, users often end up bricking their device. The device gets stuck in the boot loop, it doesn’t go ahead of the boot-logo. As a result, the phone fails to boot up. This means that the phone just got soft-bricked.

It’s possible to recover a bricked phone as long as it is not hard-bricked. A hard-bricked phone, which also means dead-brick, requires a hardware repair. If your phone is stuck in a boot loop or some other screen, you have a life to save. Most of the smartphones can be recovered or get unbricked by simply flashing a brand new piece of firmware, but for the OnePlus 3T, a dedicated unbrick tool is available.

A bricked OnePlus 3T can easily get unbricked by using the OnePlus 3T unbrick tool. You simply need to get the drivers for OnePlus 3T installed on your PC, get the unbrick tool and get it running. It will take a few minutes to unbrick OnePlus 3T with the tutorial coming ahead.

Unbrick OnePlus 3T

  1. Download the required USB driver
  2. Download Unbrick tool for OnePlus 3T.
  3. Extract the driver and unbrick tool on your computer’s desktop.
  4. Disable Driver Signature Verification on your computer if you are using Windows 8, Windows  8.1 or Windows 10.
  5. Now completely power down your OP3T.
  6. Press the volume up button for a few seconds and connect your phone to your PC while keeping the button pressed. Release the key after connecting the phone.
  7. Now open Device Manager on your computer. You can navigate to Device aMnager by right clicking “This PC” and then click on Properties. Under properties, click on Device Manager.
  8. In the Device Manager, you will find “Unknown Devices” and under this, you will find a device named “QHUSB_BULK”.
  9. Right click on the QHUSB_BULK and then click on Update Device Software. In the Driver update panel, click on “Choose manually option, navigate the folder where you extracted the Driver files and install the driver.
  10. After installing the driver, the device will appear as “Qualcomm 9008”.
  11. Now open the MSM Download Tool as an administrator on your computer.
  12. Click on the start button appears on the top left corner and let the tool fix your phone.
  13. Once done, disconnect your phone from your PC and reboot it.
  14. Your phone should boot up properly now. That’s all.