Top 3 Free Android Applications To Download Music


Music is everywhere, and now that Android is one of the most versatile OS around the globe, it has paved way for many developers to port the best music streaming applications to our beloved Android devices. Every Android application comes with a curse and a boon, and many-a-times, the boon is the factor that we love to explore more about. Our research in finding the best music downloading applications for Android would never end, but the fact that there are numerous of them around is just sweet. This is our pick for the top 3 free android applications to download music.

free apps for music download


Google Play Music:

It sure is developed by one of the most precise developers out there, Google itself. Google Play Music is one of the many Play applications, which just joys Android users like us. Not only does it provide amazing timely updates, but also fancies the latest Android Marshmallow’s looks. Moreover, Google Play Music allows users to choose songs from a vast library of content, and download it for free on their devices. Google Play Music is as sweet as it gets, and you shouldn’t waste any more time looking for an alternative.

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While this application might not be known much in the music genre, it is one of the best to choose from. RockMyRun doesn’t only have a wide array of content to choose and download from, but it has a lot of DJ Mixes you’ll love. Moreover, if your Android device is running out of memory, this application can just cache the song in the background, and get it offline for you, leaving the legal thingy out of the market.

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4Shared Music:

One of the best file uploading service itself, 4Shared Music has over 6 Million songs to download. There is probably no song you couldn’t find in its enormous library. Music you download is automatically added to a 15 GB 4shared cloud folder, which is available to listen to offline. You can add your own tunes to that folder too. While its design language might seem quite out-of-date, it is no doubt that 4Shared Music is the best music downloading application you can get for free on the Google Play Store!

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That’s it for our pick for the Top 3 Free Android Applications to Download Music. Make sure you stay tuned for more content such as this!

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