How to stop your smartphone battery from exploding


It is common mishap that a smartphone’s battery might explode or the phone catches fire. A number of incidents have been reported on this, some of them causing major damage and life threat. So, let’s understand how this happens, the causes behind and how to prevent your smartphone’s battery from exploding.

Firstly, a smartphone’s battery alone can not cause much damage and usually some other factors that cause the battery to explode. This is usually when there is a major flaw regarding the design or assembly of the battery. Otherwise, such a mishap of battery exploding, be it of your smartphone, tablet or any other electronic device, is quite uncommon.

Following are the detailed instruction on how to stop your smartphone battery from exploding.

How to stop your smartphone battery from exploding

Two common factors involved to result in such a mishap are battery and charger (that is not original).

How to stop your smartphone battery from exploding:

Now, let’s look at the first factor, Battery.

  • Smartphone batteries that are composed of Lithium. These battery may face a problem called runaway caused due to overheating. To prevent runaway, these battery are often designed to shield against over-charging which is most likely to over-heat the battery. The positive and negative plates in the battery are supposed to maintain some amount of distance. The smartphones now days come with progressively thinner batteries. As a result, the distance between the two plates is lesser. In such a case, if the necessary standards have been compromised, things like over-charging may result in serious consequences.
  • Another compromise in the smartphone battery manufacturing standards, in some cases, is a missing fuse. This fuse is responsible to break the circuit in case of over-charging or over-heating. In case no fuse has been inserted into the circuit, the risk of battery over- heating increases especially for those of you who forget their phones while charging.
  • These were some of the factors that are involved in exploding batteries. Now, let’s have a look at the precautionary measures that you can take to avoid such mishaps. It is advised to use the original battery that comes with your device only.
  • In case you need to replace the original battery, make sure you buy the new one from a recommended replacement brand instead of opting for low-priced batteries from companies who claim their products to be as good as original but the case might not be true. Remember, it is better to invest a little more amount of money to get a good battery rather than to risk your lives.
  • Try to prevent your device from overheating. Avoid placing your device in high-temperature environments especially while charging your device.
  • Try to take your phone out of its case to ensure ventilation if you are charging your device for a longer time (especially overnight) or using functions that are likely to cause your device to heat.
  • Try to charge your phone once the battery goes down to 50% and do not wait for the battery to drain out completely before you charge it.