How to Share Files Between Android and iPhone


For several reasons you’d want to exchange data between iPhone and Android devices, even if the OS can’t be transferred, but for the least an easy way to share data between these devices would have been awesome. A simple Bluetooth connection would have been enough, but No, Apple is there to put its stupid restrictions throughout the way. One can only use a Bluetooth Media device, but can’t transfer any data using it, forget that, Apple doesn’t even have a Default download manger to download things from Facebook, E-Mail or even Google drive. You need integration to download such stuff.

However, the 3rd party developers are there to help us in all the ways and now we have a very easy yet an ultimate solution to transfer data between iPhone and Android devices. However, it will need an active internet connection and depending on your Internet speed the file will be transferred, now that thing happens in typical cases, in this case the Transferring Speed is Blazing fast and without any interruption, without further ado, let us continue.

How to Share Files Between Android and iPhone


  • An active internet connection.
  • Download and Install FTP app from Play Store.
  • Download and Install Documents 5 from Apple Store.

How to Share Files:


  1. Make sure that both the devices are connected to the same IP or just Tether the Network on Android and connect iOS device with it
  2. Install the FTP on Android, there won’t be any configuration, so Chill.
  3. Document 5 is the free File manager for iOS devices, so Chill here too.
  4. Start the Server on Android device, just tap the on-screen Power button to Start/Stop.
  5. Now Tap the 2nd tab in Document 5 and Tap FTP server.
  6. Just type the IP you are seeing on the Android device in Host Bar and Tap Save.
  7. After a Successful connection, you’ll see all the Camera Roll files.
  8. Just Select the Folders and Tap the Upload button.
  9. Now watch how all the Data you selected has been uploading with Super Speed.
  10. Enjoy!