Recover Your Android Device From BootLoop Error.


Bootloop is quite a familiar term for all the OS users, no matter which OS they are using. But most suffered user are Android users, who want to install Custom ROMs on their device or try to use Odin to install tools and mods on their device, in the end they find themselves stuck in bootloop. Well is suggest that fi you don’t want to encounter such thing, don’t mess with your device, and especially with the default files.

Bootloop is a simple phenomenon, its jsut that your device got stuck on the boot screen and won’t go further than that. The animation on boot screen goes again and again and nothing happens after that.


The main Reasons behind Bootloop:

The main reasons behind bootloop is quite common, most people try to change default files of their Android device, mess with the root of their device and in the end they have to restart the device and got stuck on bootloop. Main reasons, why Bootloop error occurs are:

  • After installing a Custom ROM.
  • Flashing a Wrong Kernal or ROM.
  • Try to Run an Incompatible app or game.
  • Installing a Custom Mod or theme.

Things To Remember:

So, remember these things if you really want to mess with your device:

  • Back up all your important ContactsCall Logs & Messages.
  • Make sure that the ROM you are installing is made for your device.
  • Before installing Custom Kernels, Mods or Themes, make sure to back-up your Media.
  • Try to avoid installing apps outside Play Store.

How to Get Out Of BootLoop?

If your device is not running any Custom recovery, do the Following Steps:

  1. Pull out the battery, wait for 30-seconds, re-insert it.
  2. Now Press the Volume Up + Home + Power Keys for Samsung Devices, for all others who has no Home Key, Press Volume Up + Power buttons to enter into Recovery mode.
  3. In Android System recovery, First Select ‘Wipe Cache Partition’, you can scroll using Volume keys and confirm it using Power key.
  4. Then Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset. Then Select ‘Reboot System now’.
  5. Still nothing, pull out the battery again and re-insert it after 30-seconds and boot into recovery and select Only Wipe Data/Factory Reset.

If your Device is running a Custom recovery like, CWM or TWRP.

  • Pull out the battery and re-insert it after 30-seconds.
  • Go into Recovery,  Press the Volume Up + Home + Power Keys for Samsung Devices, for all others who has no Home Key, Press Volume Up + Power buttons.
  • Goto ‘Advance’ > ‘Wipe Devlik Cache’.
  • Goto ‘Mount and Storage’ > ‘Wipe Cache’.
  • Reboot your phone.

Now if the problem still occurs:

  • Boot into CWM recovery again.
  • Goto ‘Mount and Storage’ > ‘Wipe Data’ , Then ‘Wipe Cache’.
  • Reboot your phone.