OnePlus 5 Common Issues and Fixes

OnePlus 5 is running all cool and well for now. The device is pretty new and getting positive reviews from all around the world. OnePlus has done a great job once again when it comes to putting up the top of the line specifications in an affordable budget. OnePlus 5 is not as cheap as its predecessors, but it’s not as expensive as the likes of Galaxy S8, LG G6 and other such flagship devices.OnePlus Common 5 Issues and Fixes

Android smartphones encounter common issues such as battery draining, charging getting slow, a lag in performance etc. These issues happen on the devices after using them for a while. In most cases, an application is causing such issues or its simply because of the cache cluttered in your smartphone. These issues are likely to happen on your new OnePlus 5 as well after using it for a while. To make sure that you have a solution to all such common issues beforehand, we have come up with this guide. Here is a list of all common OnePlus 5 issues along with their fixes. Go down the list to look at OnePlus 5 Common Issues and Fixes to make your smartphone work smooth once again.

OnePlus 5: Battery Drain Issue

  1. Boot your OnePlus 5 into Safe Mode.
  2. Check if the phone still drains the battery.
  3. If the battery is running fine, this means an application is emptying it.
  4. Uninstall recently installed Apps one by one to see which uninstallation makes the battery work fine once again.

Other fixes:

  • Use low brightness on your screen to avoid battery drainage.
  • Uninstall the games you do not play.
  • Kill the background processes every now and then.

OnePlus 5: Slow Charging Issue

Note: Try these solutions one by one.

  • Make sure that you are using original data cable and charger for your phone.
  • Gently clean the charging port of your OnePlus 5.
  • Make sure that there is nothing wrong with the electricity switch where your charger is connected.
  • Try clearing the cache of your OnePlus 5. To do so, boot your phone into recovery mode. In recovery mode, tap Wipe Data and Cache. Wipe the cache partition to fix the phone.

OnePlus 5: WiFi Issues and Fixes

Note: Try these solutions one by one.

  1. If your OnePlus 5 is unable to connect to a WiFi router, try restarting the router and connect again after that.
  2. If you are getting an authentication error while connecting to a WiFi network, then make sure that you know the right password and enter that.
  3. Make sure that the signal coverage of your WiFi router is good enough to provide signals to your OnePlus 5.

Another possible fix

  1. You can also go to Settings > Wifi > tap & hold the WiFi network you are trying to connect to and then Forget this network. After forgetting the network, try connecting again.
  2. After connecting to the network, tap the Advanced option in WiFi settings. Scroll down to find the IP settings.
  3. In IP settings, select Static and configure it according to the values given below.
    • IP address:
    • Gateway:
    • Network prefix length: 24
    • DNS 1:
    • DNS 2:

OnePlus 5: Slow Performance Issue

Note: Try these solutions one by one.

  1. Try booting into the Safe Mode and check if disabling applications fixes your OnePlus 5’s performance. If the performance is fine in Safe Mode, this means you need to delete the recently install an application which may have been causing a lag in the performance.
  2. Clear the Cache of your phone by boot into the recovery mode. This can also kill all background processes fixing your device’s performance.
  3. Enable Developer Options on your phone and disable the following:
    • Window animation scale
    • Transition animation scale
    • Animator duration scale

OnePlus 5: Heating Up Issue

Note: Try these solutions one by one.

  1. Clear the cache of your phone using the recovery.
  2. Try booting into Safe Mode to check if an application is causing the issue. Uninstall the application that you have recently installed.
  3. Check your phone for Software Update. If there is an update available, then update your phone right away.
  4. Keep your phone away from heat exposed places.
  5. If the solutions given above do not work, try factory resetting your phone.
  6. If the phone still doesn’t work fine, the last option should be to flash a brand new stock firmware on your OnePlus 5.

OnePlus 5: Randomly Rebooting Issue

  1. Clear the cache of your phone.
  2. Backup all your data and factory reset your device.
  3. If the solutions given above do not work, flash a stock firmware on your device to fix it.

Fix OnePlus 5 Stuck in Bootloop

  1. Wipe the cache partition of your device by going into the recovery mode.
  2. If you have a rooted OnePlus 5, wipe its Dalvik cache.
  3. If you have a custom recovery installed, create a Nandroid backup and perform a factory reset using the recovery.
  4. You can also try flashing a stock firmware on the phone to give it a fresh breath. A new stock firmware will restore everything on your phone which might end up getting your phone out of the bootloop.

OnePlus 5 has already been TWRPified and rooted. Modifications for this smartphone are also coming out now. If you own this device, then the justice would be to unleash its real power by going beyond the boundaries set by OnePlus.

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