How to install Magisk Systemless Interface on Android


We are currently enjoying the 9th iteration of Android. Android 9 Pie is running well all around now. Google has made the Android operating securely with each new update. Android Pie is much more secure than the Android Oreo, Nougat, Android Marshmallow or Android Lollipop. The enhanced security is enabled to ensure that users’ data and privacy do not get compromised while they are using the Android OS on their smartphones. Where Google has made the Android ecosystem secure, at the same time, it has made it more than tough for the developers to tweak the operating system.

Rooting Android was the easiest thing on this planet in the good old days. Phones were easily rooted till Android 5.0 Lollipop. After Google released the Android Marshmallow, it became relatively tougher to root the phone. In order to root the phones running Android Marshmallow or higher, users had to modify the system partition. The most famous root solution SuperSU by chainfire also modified the system partition. This meant that there was no systemless root method in the works. Chainfire focused on improving the SuperSU and managed to root many devices, but even then, a more intact method was needed.

Last year in August, XDA developer topjohnwu announced his new tool named as Magisk Systemless Interface. The name makes much sense if you are an Android power user. Magisk basically rooted the Android devices systemless-ly. This achieved root access on the phones without touching the system partition. The system didn’t get any sort of modification through this process. Magisk did not only root the phone without hitting the system, it, in fact, created many opportunities for the custom ROMs and MOD developers to make the use of it and take the Android development to next level.

MOD developers can easily put their MODs in the magisk.img file to modify the phones without tweaking the system partition. ROM developers can add magisk to their ROMs and make all the tweaks based on the systemless interface. The Xposed framework can depend on the Magisk systemless interface as well. Magisk has another capability to show root to applications of your choice. This made it possible for applications/features like Android Pay and Samsung Pay to work flawlessly on the devices. In simple words, you can hide root access from certain applications on your phone.

It won’t be wrong to say that Magisk lifted the Android development up right when it was about to die. It’s great to know that even when Google is trying its best to restrict the users, the users are trying their best to make the best out of their Android-powered smartphones. Installing Magisk on an Android phone is very easy. All you have to do is to flash a .zip file of the Magisk installer. Magisk has a lot of standalone modules like mounting your external storage into internal storage and many others. Once you have the Magisk installed, you can bring in the modules to modify your device further. If you are already looking up for a method to get Magisk, then here is how you can install Magisk Systemless Interface on Android.

  • Your phone must be unrooted and it should have an unlocked bootloader.
  • Your phone shouldn’t have Xposed framework installed beforehand.
  • It is better to have your phone in the stock state before installing Magisk Systemless Interface.
  • Your phone must have the TWRP recovery installed on it.

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Install Magisk Systemless Interface on Android

  1. Download the latest file and copy it to your phone’s internal or external storage.
  2. Now boot your phone into TWRP recovery. You can use the Volume Up or Down + Power key combination to turn on your phone into the recovery mode. For Samsung devices, you will use Volume Up + Home + Power key.
  3. Once your phone is in TWRP, tap Install > Install Zip > Locate and tap file > Swipe to confirm flash.
  4. After flashing Magisk, get back to the main menu in TWRP and tap Reboot > Reboot System.
  5. Your phone will now boot up and it will have the Magisk Systemless Interface installed.
  6. Now download and install the Magisk Manager on your phone from the Google Play Store.

Systemless Root with Magisk on Phh’s SuperUser

  1. Download Phh’s file and copy it to your phone.
  2. Boot your phone into TWRP recovery once again and flash the Phh’s file just like you flashed Magisk Manager.
  3. As your phone boots up, download and install phh’s superuser application from the Play Store.

Now you can use the Magisk Manager to disable or enable root access. That’s all. For more details, visit Magisk official thread.

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