How to use Google Allo Web

To give a competition to applications like WhatsApp and Messenger, Google launched its very own Google Allo. The encrypted messaging service was warmly welcomed by the users, but its publicity slowed down with time. Google Allo is a pretty cool application if you want a hassle-free and easy messaging platform. Google Allo was available only for the smartphones until now. Like Facebook and WhatsApp, it didn’t have its own web or desktop interface. In a new move today, Google launched the web interface of the Google Allo.How to use Google Allo Web

If you have used the WhatsApp web interface, you will find the Google Allo’s interface more than similar to that. Google Allo Web also works in pretty much the same manner as that of the WhatsApp. It syncs all of your messages and shared images with the web menu as soon as you go online. To launch the Google Allo Web, you have to go online by accessing its URL. After accessing the URL, Google Allo Web shows you a QR Code that you have to scan using your phone. In order to bring the Google Allo Web option in your Google Allo application, you have to update your Google Allo Android application to the latest version.

The following guide will take you through the appropriate steps to launch Google Allo Web. The guide also demonstrates how to use Google Allo Web.

Note: Google Allo Web only works with Google Chrome for now. It will not work with any other browser. Also, you can only use the Android version of this application to sync with the Google Allo Web.

How to use Google Allo Web

  1. On your Google Chrome browser running on your PC, access this URL:
  2. The web page will show you a QR code now.
  3. Now open the Google Allo application on your Android phone.
  4. Tap the menu button in Google Allo and then tap the Allo for Web option. It will launch the camera on your phone.
  5. Scan the QR code in camera now.
  6. Google Allo Web will pick up your Allo messenger chat. You can chat through the Chrome browser now. That’s all.

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