How to Use ES File Explorer To Transfer Files From PC To Android


Android has grown a lot in the past 4 years. Every year a new version of Android is released by Google. The most important thing that differentiates Android from iOS and many other Mobile Phone OS’s out there is its ability to seamlessly transfer files from one device to another. It is really convenient to just connect your Android device to your PC using Data Cable and drag a whole bunch of files to transfer it. But, with the advent of technology, you can easily transfer files from Android to your PC and vice-versa without using any data cable at all. ES File Explorer has been one of the most loved and most high rated Android file managers of all time. There is a hidden feature in it that allows users to connect PC and Android device, and then transfer files between the two devices. Follow the given steps in order to do so.


  • You must have an Android device running Android 2.2, Froyo, or higher.
  • You must have a Windows PC for this job.
  • You need to make a folder on your PC, which you will share your files to and from your Android device.
  • You also need the ES File Explorer installed on your Android device.


How To Transfer Files From Your PC To Android Device Using ES File Explorer

  1. On your Computer, find the desired folder that you will now use to share the files to and from your Android device.
  2. Right-Click on it, and click on Properties.
  3. Now, after the small window pops-up, click on the ‘Sharing‘ tab.
  4. Now, find and click on the Share button.
  5. Another window will pop-up, asking user to share this folder with with single user or a group.
  6. Select ‘Everyone‘, and click Ok.
  7. Now, on your Android device, launch ES File Explorer.
  8. Tap the Hamburger (three lines) menu button, and from there tap on the ‘Network‘ tab to reveal yet another drop-down menu. From there, tap on ‘LAN
  9. Now, tap on New, and fill the the required boxes that the app demands.
  10. For that, you need to obtain the IP Address of your PC. Now, leave the Domain Name box empty, and fill up the rest of the boxes.
  11. Tap on Ok to Confirm.
  12. Great work! Now to share your files to and fro of your PC or your Android device, you just need to copy/paste the required file/folder into the folder you created in the initial stages.

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