How to upgrade from iOS 13.1 Beta to iOS 13 Stable


iOS 13 is on the roll now. If you are currently using the iOS 13.1 Beta, it’s time to get rid of it and move to the official stable iOS 13. Here is how you can upgrade from iOS 13.1 Beta to iOS 13 Stable without losing any data. This guide works for both the iPhone and iPad.

upgrade from iOS 13.1 Beta to iOS 13 Stable
My iPhone XS Max running on iOS 13

Before you upgrade to iOS 13, let me give you an overview of the new iOS 13 and its features.

iOS 13

iOS 13 is the latest iOS iteration from Apple. The OS was in works for quite some time. Apple announced the iOS 13 beta program a few months back. With the release of the Apple iPhone 11 lineup, the iOS 13’s stable version also made its way. A few days back, Apple began the official rollout of the stable iOS 13. All the users who have been running their iPhones and iPads on the iOS 13 Beta or the older iOS 12.4.1, they can update their device right away. The iOS 13 brings massive changes and a bunch of new features over the previous iOS versions.

iOS 13 new features

To start off, the biggest new feature of the iOS 13 is the new Dark Mode. The system-wide dark mode is now available in the display settings of the iPhones. Apple users can finally enjoy a dark theme which will put less stress on the eyes and also save a little bit of battery life.

Turn on Dark Mode on iOS 13
Dark Mode on iOS 13

IOS 13 has an enhanced photo editing tool. There are over 15 different ways to tweak your pictures. The video editing tools have been made advanced as well. 

 Apple has also added the new QuickPath keyboard. You can now swipe on the keyboard to type anything. There is no line that appears when you swipe which is why its a little bit tricky to use this feature.

Apple has also added the new Memoji feature which lets you make any memoji or you can just use any stickers from the keyboard. The stickers work on iPhone 8 and previous models as well. You don’t need the TrueDepth camera to create Memojis now.

Apple has also changed the way you interact with the Wifi and Bluetooth toggles. You can now long-press a the toggle and all of your connections will appear under one window.

Find my friends and Find my device apps have been merged. If you don’t see those apps on your iPhone, you don’t need to confuse yourself. The app appears as “Finy My” only.

You can also connect a PS4 controller or a Bluetooth mouse to your iPhone or iPad now. This is happening for the very first time for the iPhones and iPads.

There is a lot more to discover in the new iOS 13, but for that, I recommend that you install the iOS 13 on your iPhone and find it out by yourself.

Let’s take a look at the steps to install iOS 13 over the iOS 13.1 Beta.


  • This guide is for both Windows and macOS users.
  • You need an iPhone or iPad running on iOS 12 or iOS 13 Beta.
  • This works for all iPhones including iPhone 6S and above.
  • You need the original data cable to connect the iPhone to the computer.
  • You must have the latest iTunes installed on the computer.
  • Although you will not lose any data while updating to iOS 13, however, it is still recommended to create a backup of everything.
  • Download the iOS 13 IPSW file for your iPhone or iPad.
Image used for demonstration only.

Upgrade from iOS 13.1 Beta to iOS 13 Stable

Time needed: 10 minutes.

These are the simple steps to manually update the iPhone or iPad to iOS 13.

  1. Open iTunes on your computer and connect the iPhone/iPad.

    First of all, open the iTunes on your computer. Connect the iPhone or iPad to the computer and wait for the computer to detect it.

  2. Navigate to the iPhone options screen in iTunes.

    Now click on the small iPhone icon appearing on the top-left side in the iTunes. This will take you to the options where you can see the Update button for the iPhone.Install iOS 13 on iPhone or iPad

  3. Add the iOS 13 IPSW file to iTunes.

    Press and hold the Shift button on Windows or Options button on Mac and then click on the “Update” button in iTunes. It will ask you for IPSW file. Select the file that you downloaded above.Update iPhone or iPad to iOS 13

  4. Start the iOS 13 update process and wait for the update to end.

    As soon as you select the file, iTunes will start verifying the file from Apple’s servers. In a few minutes, the firmware installation will start. Sit back, relax, and wait for the update to come to an end.

  5. Disconnect the iPhone/iPad and set it up. That’s all.

    As soon as the update ends, your iPhone or iPad will restart on its own. At this point, you can disconnect the device and set it up all over again. upgrade from iOS 13.1 Beta to iOS 13 Stable

That’s all. Congratulations! You have just installed the iOS 13. You can now explore all of the new features in the latest firmware. The new iOS 13 brings enhanced performance and a much better battery life as well. Make sure that you turn on Dark Mode on iOS 13 first of all.

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to reach out to us. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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