How to turn off Samsung Cloud Notifications on Galaxy Phones


Not liking the Samsung Cloud Notifications cluttering your phone’s notifications area? Well, shed them away. This is the guide you need in order to turn off Samsung Cloud Notifications on Galaxy phones. The guide to turning off Samsung Cloud Notifications is valid for all Samsung Galaxy handsets.

turn off Samsung Cloud Notifications

Samsung Galaxy handsets come with in-built Samsung Cloud service. When the users sign up for a Samsung account while setting up their phone for the first time, the Samsung Cloud services are activated automatically. Samsung Cloud keeps your contacts, messages, gallery, calendar, emails, and everything else synced with it. All of your data is backed up through Samsung Cloud so that you never lose it. Despite the usefulness of Samsung Cloud, a huge number of users dislike this service. Some users prefer other services over Samsung Cloud, while some just don’t like the way it works. One main reason for users to dislike Samsung Cloud is the way it spams your notifications area.

Whether you want to keep Samsung Cloud enabled or disabled, its notifications are going to haunt you. It keeps informing you about the backup status every now and then. Rather than getting rid of the notifications, Samsung Galaxy owners end up getting away from the Samsung Cloud. Since you have free 15GB storage over Samsung Cloud, it’s not a good idea to leave this space for free. You paid a hefty amount for your Samsung Galaxy handset after all. So, today, in this guide, we will take a look at how to disable Samsung Cloud Notifications. It’s very easy to turn off Samsung Cloud Notifications on Galaxy Phones. All you have to do is to follow a few simple steps to turn off Samsung Cloud Notifications.

Turn off Samsung Cloud Notifications

Here are the few simple steps to turn those notifications off.

  1. Open Settings on your Samsung Phone.

    You can open settings either from the application drawer or from the quick toggles.

  2. In Settings, go to Accounts and Backup.

    Scroll down in settings to find Accounts and Backup. Open this option to access Samsung Cloud.

  3. Now click on Samsung Cloud.

    The 2nd option in Accounts and Backup is Samsung Cloud. Click on it to access its settings now.

  4. In Samsung Cloud, click on Notifications.

    In Samsung Cloud, click on notifications to open further options.

  5. Tap the radio button next to “Allow interruption” to turn it off.

    The very first option says “Allow interruption”. You have to click on the radio button next to it to turn this option off. This will completely disable the Samsung Cloud Notifications.

Wrap Up

Congratulations! You have turned off Samsung Cloud Notifications. Turning off the notifications is much better than turning off this service. You should continue using Samsung Cloud for the data safety. If you have any questions regarding this guide, feel free to reach out to us.

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  1. Yeah doesn’t work on Samsung Galaxy s20 either, this is beyond stupid, I’m getting so annoyed by that stupid sound (that even has to be the same as my sms sound so NO muting it either) so thanks but I’ll NOT by using my Samsung Cloud, thankfully I have both Google Photos & OneDrive but the moron that thought it would be funny to force people to do thia should be fired or at the very least be forced to listen to the most annoying notification sound every 3second for the next 7yrs, maybe when he haven’t slept for year he’ll start to think that maybe this was the most moronic idea that anyone have come up with … had the exact same problem with my last samsung but that was Facebook notifications & guess what happened, forced to disable FB completely on that phone & then they do it with their own stuff & if you enable full backup it will beep every freaking hour at least … STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, STUUUUUUUPID!!! Like how did the genius behind this manage to get through life until now without forgetting how to breath some where along the way #RantOver Samsung Cloud Disabled Forever

  2. Yeah I’m done with Samsung. This was a waste of time and I think you know it. I’m so over samsung forcing THEIR preferences on OUR extremely expensive devices like my Note 10. Goodbye Samsung. This is the Last straw after decades of using your products, I’m done with your socialist way of “serving” your customers. Time for Samsung to be canceled.

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