How to take screenshot with boost mobile LG Volt

If you own a boost mobile LG Volt and don’t know how to take screenshot with boost mobile LG volt then follow the guide below in order to take screenshot on LG Volt. LG Volt is mid range device with remarkable features, released back in May 2014. Its not a GSM device so it only runs CDMA packages. Most us know how to take screenshots on Android devices, but there are many new users who don’t so let move on with the guide in which i will explain you how to take screenshot with boost mobile LG volt.

take screenshot with boost mobile LG volt

How to take screenshot with boost mobile LG volt:

Step 1: Open the desired page of whom you want to take screenshot.

Step 2: Now once you are there now press the power + home button for 2 seconds.

Step 3: A shutter sound will come and in the notification area you’ll see the screenshot.

Step 4: Tap on it to open the screenshot in your gallery.

It’s easy. Just press and pressed for 2 seconds left buttons Volume Down (Vol -) and Power (Power) at the same time without dropping them. Then you will see an animation on screen indicating that your capture is saved. The resulting image is saved to the gallery, inside a folder called ‘Scrennshots’. Now you can explore this folder to your gallery and see all your captures.


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