How To Solve Status 7 Error While Installing a Custom ROM

Android is the Greatest Ecosystem for Mobile Devices, while there are so many WOWs in this System so are many dangers for your Mobile of course. The biggest beauty in this System is its open source feature and also the greatest danger, it can give you the full control over your device and also it can take all the control of your device, simply means bricking it. The huge collection of Custom ROMs for Android devices is also a thing that is not available for most Mobile OS and that also put your device in grave danger. Simply Put there is a lot of Beauty in Android along with Grave Danger, if you don’t have the full knowledge about what you are doing you can end up with a Brick device in your hand.


While we are talking about Custom ROMs, there is something that rarely occurs but it is a part that you should learn if you want your device to be clean. The Error I am talking about is Status 7, it occurs if you are using CWM recovery for the installation of Custom ROM. The installation will be aborted and all you can do is to try another ROM if you like or follow this guide to learn how to Remove it.

How To Solve Status 7 Error

First Thing First, Update your current recovery using ROM Manager, in most cases updating the recovery solves such problem. But even after updating the recovery if you can’t able to solve it, follow the Second method.

  • First extract your ROM (for example using 7-zip)
  • Go to the folder META_INF > COM > GOOGLE > ANDROID
  • Here you will find a file “updater-script”


  • Rename this file as updater-script.doc use notepad++ (preferably)
  • Double click to open it.


  • Delete text, starting from “assert ……. till the semicolon of the last getprop command.


  • Now save the file
  • Again rename the file, and delete the .doc extension
  • Now go back to the main rom folder where you extracted the 3 files. zip these files again. and you will get a zipped rom


  • Install the Newly Zipped file and everything will be fine.
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