How To Solve Low Notification Sound Issue Sony Xperia Z

Now, it is a real annoying thing that you can hear a song and the voice of your friend on phone very clearly but when it comes to getting the Notification, the sound is so low that you’ll barely be able to hear the Notification. This problem with such a high end device is quite a shame and users have complained that they have witnessed this problem on the Stock firmware and only some of them have experienced this problem in the custom ROMs. First of all, you have to choose a suitable tone for your Calls and Notifications, the default sounds are not very loud, you need to convert the audio to 320kbps and try to use this audio as the Ringing tone, do the same with Notification sound too.


Recently, we have covered the sound Mod for Xperia Z2, but we are not talking about Xperia Z2 here. Today, we will cover the issue of Low Sound of Sony Xperia Z, however, if none of them works for you, better switch to a Custom ROM just to test whether the speaker is fine or not. If not, then take it to a near service center to get it repaired. Let’s begin.

How To Solve This Error:

  1. First Try to change the Ringtone to a custom one instead of a Default one, if that doesn’t work, the proceed below.
  2. Open Settings.
  3. Navigate to Sounds.
  4. Open Sound Effects.
  5. Then Open Sound Enhancements.
  6. Enable Xloud in it and then tell your friend to call you.
  7. You’ll definitely feel a difference


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