How To Manually Flash Updates Via Recovery And ADB


Most Android devices receive updates in two major ways – one is the release of Over The Air updates, or as we now know as the OTA Updates, and the other types are update patches, which the user can manually flash according to his/her liking. However, it takes quite a long time for an update to be released globally, and made available to all users of the specific device. Say, if the latest update for the Galaxy Note 5 was released in Europe, and it was scheduled for North America for a week later, then the desperate wait isn’t worth it.

Users can obtain the update file, which is normally around a few megabits, and flash it manually on their respective Android devices. In this procedure too, there are two types. One is to use the stock or custom Recovery to flash an update ZIP, or to go the official way is to flash the update file using the ADB and Fastboot commands, while connected on a PC.


Flash Update Using Recovery:

1. Acquire the update file, and save it on your Android device.

2. Turn your device off, and boot into the recovery mode using a special button combo which is specific to all devices.

3. While in recovery, select ‘Apply Update’, or ‘Choose Update from SD Card’, and find and locate the update file you’ve earlier transferred.

4. Once located, select it using the power button, and confirm the flash by selecting ‘Yes’.

5. This might take several minutes depending upon the update size.

6. Once done, reboot your Android device and enjoy your new experience.

Flash Update Via ADB:

1. Make sure you have ADB and Fastboot setup on your PC, and download the update file, and rename it to ‘Update.Zip’ for ease.

adb reboot recovery

2. While in recovery mode, you are now to select on the phone the option which reads ‘Apply Sideload from Fastboot’, or any similar option.

adb sideload

3. This will begin the OTA installation.

4. This process might take a lot of time, so just be patient.

5. Once done , reboot your device and disconnect it from your PC.

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