How to Install Remix OS Android on Your Computer


Here is the guide to Install Remix OS Android on Your Computer. Remix OS is an operating system based on Android and gives users a true Android experience. Desktop computers so not run Android OS and you may have used Android emulators in the past like Bluestacks or Youwave but, they fail to give the performance that you need. The better option that you are left with is to Install Remix OS Android on Your Computer. Remix OS is not only able to provide excellent performance but also comes with many unique features. Install Remix OS Android on Your Computer to use it for resizing the apps and multi-tasking. Also, the app is plug and play so once you insert a bootable pendrive on your computer, you will be able to run Android on it. The best thing about fails to run Windows properly, you can Install Remix OS Android on Your Computer instead. Remix OS is free to download and has been made available for the public to give you Android experience on your computer.


Before you begin to Install Remix OS Android on Your Computer, make sure to check the requirements.

  • You will require an 8 GB+ FAT32 USB 3.0 flash drive with 20+ Mb/s write speed.
  • Make sure your computer supports booting from USB.
  • Lastly, disable the secure boot and the Legacy boot should be enabled.

Note: If you want to run Remix OS on Mac, you can use the bootable USB drive that you created on Windows as your Mac will not be able to create Remix OS bootable USB drive.

Install Remix OS Android on Your Computer:

If the requirements are complete, now you can proceed with the installation process.

Step 1: Firstly, go to the Remix OS download page and download Remix OS for computer.

Step 2: Once the file has been downloaded, extract the file contents from the ZIP.

Step 3: Once you have extracted the ZIP file contents, plug in the USB flash drive. Now, open/launch “remix-usb-tool.exe” file. The ‘Remix OS USB Tool’ window will be opened. From here, you need to select USB flash drive from the drop down menu. Once done, click on Browse. Now, head to the folder that contains content extracted from the ZIP file earlier. Select “Remix_OS_for_PC.iso” file.

Now, click OK to begin installation of the portable version of Remix OS. Keep the USB flash drive plugged in and wait for the installation process to complete.

Step 4: Once Remix OS for PC has been installed, you will be asked to reboot your computer. If you want the new Remix OS to run on your PC, click on ‘Reboot Now’.

Step 5: After the Reboot has started, hit F12. This will launch Boot menu. From here, check again if the Legacy boot is enabled and Secure boot is off. Now, select USB flash drive option from the list. Once, you select USB, you will be asked to choose your mode of preference for Remix OS from ‘Guest Mode’ and ‘Resident Mode’. If you select Guest Mode, none of your data will be saved. Resident Mode on the hand will save all your data including user accounts and your apps. Note that the Guest mode is more stable while you might face bug issues in Resident mode.

Note: If you want to boot Remix OS on Mac, skip step 5 and move on to step 6.

Step 6: Insert the bootable drive into your Mac and restart it. When the boot process starts, press and hold Option key, immediately.This will take you to the Startup Manager. From here, select the Remix OS option using mousepad or arrow keys.

Step 7: Let the Remix OS finish booting. Once the boot process has been completed, you will be able to see Android desktop on your computer. Remix OS is optimized for mouse and keyboard and supports multi-window as well. Now you can start enjoying the true Android experience on your desktop.

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