How to install Remix OS Player for PC – Latest Version

Heed the instrcutions below to Install Remix OS Player on your PC. Jide just released Remix OS Player to run Remis OS on Windows PCs. Earlier, we had the Remix OS for PC but it only booted up using a USB flash drive or in a VM player. The Remix OS Player for PC works just like BlueStacks or Andy emulator. Remix OS Player comes running atop of Android Marshmallow. It is based on Android x86 project. With Remix OS Player, Jide promises to give you the smoothest and fastest Android experience in your Windows PC. Remix OS already provided a lot of features which the ordinary emulators never did. Now those same features have made their way to the Remix OS Player.

Remix OS Player focuses on improving Android gaming experience on your Windows PC. You can also run multiple applications in parallel. For example you are playing a game and you also want to chat with your friend, you can run the chat application and your game at the same time. Remix OS Player comes with Google Play Store pre-installed. You can install your favorite Android Games and Apps for PC on the go.

Remix OS Player lets you choose what amount of RAM, how many cores and what display settings you want this emulator to use on yoru PC. Remix OS Player runs your favorite Android games and apps on your Windows PC just like you’re actually running those applications directly on your Windows OS. If you never gave a try to Remix OS because of its long installation procedure, you should definitely give a try to Remix OS Player as it doesn’t require you to go through any hard and fast rules. Let’s have a look on how to install Remix OS Player for PC now and also learn to run some Apps for PC via Remix OS Player.

How to install Remix OS Player for PC:

  1. Download Remix OS Player for PC : Link
  2. Run the Remix OS Player.exe file which is a self extracting 7zip file.
  3. Select the path where you want to extract the files and start the process.
  4. Remix OS Player will begin to extract its content.
  5. Once the extraction comes to an end, open the location where you extracted the files.
  6. Run RemixOSPlayer.exe and that’s it.

Just in case you are facing this error while trying to open RemixOSPlayer

emulator: ERROR: x86_64 emulation currently requires hardware acceleration!
Please ensure Intel HAXM is properly installed and usable.
CPU acceleration status: Unable to open HAXM device: ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND

  • Go to RemixOSPlayer folder > remixemu > haxm-windows_v6_0_3 > run intelhaxm-android > select your desired RAM amount and complete the procedure.
  • Try launching RemixOSPlayer.exe again and it should work this time.

How to run Apps for PC using Remix OS Player

  1. Remix OS Player was installed above. Now we are going to run it. Launch the Remix OS Player by clicking RemixOSPlayer.exe.
  2. Remix OS Player should bring up the start up screen asking you to configure advanced options. In advanced options you can select what amount of RAM, CPU Cores and what Display settings you want to go with. If you want to go with default settings, then do not touch advanced settings and simply click start.remix-os-player-1
  3. Remix OS Player will take a while till it gets you to the setup screen so hold on for a few minutes while it shows you patience and other messages over a black screen.remix-os-player-6
  4. First of all it will ask you to select a language, select your desired language and click proceed.Install Remix OS Player
  5. In the next step, it will ask you to agree to the user agreement. Agree and proceed.
  6. Now Remix OS Player will show off some app recommendations. Choose the apps you want to install and proceed. If you do not want to install any apps, just skip them and proceed.
  7. Remix OS Player will ask you to whether you want to activate Google Play Store or not. So when this screen comes up, click “Activate” and proceed.before-application-install
  8. Now it will take you to the Remix OS Player home screen.
  9. The small Jide Remix icon on your screen’s lower left corner is your app drawer, click it to pull up the application menu.
  10. Open the Play Store now, setup your account and start playing your desired games and run your desired apps for pc.remix-central

Go yourself stuck somewhere? No worries. Reach us out through the comment box below.

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