How to get double tap to wake on Nexus 6 – No Root Needed


Double tap features is really awesome feature and also it helps us save our power button by using it less. First this features was introduced in LG G2 and LG G3. Today i’ll tell how you can install double tap on Nexus 6, you can easily install double tap feature on Nexus 6 because it already has the capability for double tap to wake built in. But for some reason Google didn’t enabled it on Nexus6.

You don’t need to root your Nexus 6 in order to install double tap to wake feature, here’s how to get double tap to wake on Nexus 6. Follow all the instruction carefully in order to get double tap to wake on Nexus 6.


How to get double tap to wake on Nexus 6 – No Root Needed:

Step#1: Download the double tap to wake on the Nexus 6.

Step#2: Boot your device into recovery mode, press and hold Volume Down and Power.

Step#3: Use volume key to scroll and press power button to select recovery.

Step#4: Now press and hold volume up button to enter in recovery menu.

Step#5: Tap on install in recovery mode.

Step#6: Now Tap download.

Step#7: Select the Zip file you downloaded in first step.

Step#8: On your screen swipe to right in order to confirm the installation.

Step#9: After you see success message, Reboot your Nexus 6.

All Done,  You have successfully installed double tap to wake on Nexus 6. If you face any sort of problem please do tell me in comments.

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  1. if i do it will i get official updates? kindly confirm it i dont want to be rooted and deprive off official updates, the reason for which i use nexus device only.

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