How To Fix Sony Xperia Z2 Call Dropping Problem


Sony Xperia Z2 is the latest flagship device from Sony and according to them this is the best Sony Smartphone ever like, Samsung said about Galaxy S2, the best Smartphone ever, however, successor of such devices always beat them and it will happen to Sony Xperia Z2 eventually. Till then you keep enjoying Sony Xperia Z2 and we keep solving all of your problems related to Sony Xperia Z2. Recently some of the users complained that they are having Some call dropping issues with Sony Xperia Z2, most of them said that they just hear a Beep sound while attending a call and the screen of the device is not turning On after the call.

Well the problem is with the Proximity Sensor, when you took the device to your face while listening to a call, the Proximity Sensor turns off the screen, so you face won’t touch the screen and interrupt the call. And since it is not working properly, the screen will remain turn On while you are listening to the call thus letting your face to tap the End button or any other button, while you are hearing it. In this article, we will give you some tips on How To Fix Sony Xperia Z2 Call Dropping Problem.


How To Fix Sony Xperia Z2 Call Dropping Problem:


  • Go to Settings > Display > and see if the Tap to Wake-up is enabled, if it is enabled. Untick it and Check if the problem still exists.

  • Check if the Proximity Sensor is Clean, it might be covered with dust or something else, clean it.

  • Now go to Settings > About Phone > Diagnostics > Choose Test Device and check Proximity Sensor, if the problem is occurring because of any Hardware fault, you need to take your device to near Sony Center.

  • Check your Carrier service, call dropping might be occurred because of poor signals