How to fix Samsung Galaxy Recovery is not Seandroid Enforcing


Playing with your Android smartphone is not safe at times. While trying out the custom stuff, that you are not well aware of, you often end up bricking your phone. Sometimes, there are some weird errors which simply get you stuck in the worst situation and then make you run here and there for the sake of fixing your smartphone. The “Recovery is not Seandroid Enforcing” is one such error and it often comes up on Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Recovery is not Seandroid Enforcing error comes up on Samsung Galaxy devices after flashing a wrong custom recovery or a file that you intend to root your smartphone with. This error results in a black screen with the sentence “Recovery is no Seandroid Enforcing” written on the top-left of your phone’s screen and that’s all that you can see when it’s there. While the error comes up, you no longer are able to boot into your smartphone or do anything. It doesn’t let your phone boot into recovery mode or the system. The only boot option that works is the download mode. The catch is, trying to wipe your phone’s data or performing a factory data reset are none of use in this case. Flashing custom kernels or new recoveries doesn’t help either. The phone stays stuck in a particular mode, which we can name as a stuck boot-screen rather then a bootloop.

Before having a look at the fix, it is necessary to shed some light on its background. With the release of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, Google made it tough for the Android developers to tinker their devices and play around with the system. Samsung, being one of the major Android OEM, contributed to Google’s security system and resulted in adding fuel to the fire. This act by Samsung made it even more tough for the developers to tweak the Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Flashing files like CF-Autoroot on Marshmallow powered Galaxy smartphones brought this Recovery is not Seandroid Enforcing error up.20150722_125050

If you have also fallen prey to this error and now you are wandering here and there to fix it, you may have spotted the right place here. We can safely assume that you have given a try to all the methods before coming here and none of those methods worked for you. Fortunately, we have figured out the workaround and it’s found to be working perfectly well to get your Samsung Galaxy smartphone recovered in a few steps. The workaround requires you to flash stock firmware on your smartphone. flashing stock firmware won’t perform a factory data reset on your phone and it will probably stay safe. A stock firmware will simply wipe off the custom kernel from your phone and bring it back to life. Let’s move ahead and learn how to fix Samsung Galaxy Recovery is not Seandroid Enforcing error.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy Recovery is not Seandroid Enforcing

  1. Download and install Samsung USB drivers on your PC. Find them here: Android USB Drivers
  2. Download and extract Odin3 on your PC. You an get all Odin versions here.
  3. Open the Odin3.exe now. In Odin, the only options selected should be F.Reset.Time and Auto Reboot.
  4. Download and extract the official firmware for your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Download the firmware from here. Carefully select your device on the firmware download page.
  5. After extracting the downloaded firmware file, you will get a file with a .tar.md5 or .tar extension.
  6. Now put your Galaxy smartphone in download mode. To do so, press Volume Down + Home + Power Key. It will boot up in download mode with a warning. Press Volume Up to continue to download mode now.
  7. Now connect the phone to your computer.
  8. In Odin, the ID:COM box should turn blue or yellow depending on your Odin’s version. It should also show “Added” message in the log box.
  9. Now in Odin, click on PDA or AP tab and select the extracted .tar or .tar.md5 stock firmware file.
  10. Making sure that the phone is connected in download mode, Odin is showing blue light, drivers are installed successfully and the file has loaded completely in Odin, hit the start button and sit back.
  11. Once the firmware gets flashed, your device will restart.
  12. This time it won’t show any Recovery is not Seandroid Enforcing error and it will safely boot up to system.
  13. That’s all.

Let’s us know if the guide worked for you or not. Additionally, you can reach us out through the comment box below.