How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Not Registered On Network


Following are the instruction on how to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Not Registered On Network, previously we have covered general issue like Not registered on Network, Restore Null IMEI, unknown baseband and how restore EFS backup on Samsung Galaxy devices. Today we’ll tell you how to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Not Registered On Network. 


How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Not Registered On Network:

^ First of turn off all the wireless connection on your device and enable the Airplane mode, wait for 2-3 mins and turn off the Airplane mode.

^ Turn off your device and take out the sim card, now insert back the sim card and turn on your Galaxy Note 5.

^ Please make sure that your sim is nano sim, otherwise it won’t work properly.

^ Update your device to latest OS, it may be the reason that your device is running on old OS that’s why it is showing not registered on Network. One more reason is that cause of incomplete software update you are facing such issue, to fix not registered on network you have to flash the stock rom using Odin on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

^ Open mobile networks from settings on your Galaxy Note 5, now press the Home button for 2 seconds along with power button for 15 seconds. Now your device will blink few times and it will reboot.

^ If none of these methods worked for you then last option is to restore IMEI and Efs backup, please use this guide to restore efs backup on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.

Please do tell me in comments which method worked for you, and if you have any suggestion please do tell me so i can add and share it.

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