How To Fix No Service on Samsung Galaxy


Samsung Galaxy series is the top selling mobile device family all over the world. But nothing is perfect same goes for Samsung Galaxy devices, we face many issues on our Galaxy devices but one is most common ” No Service “. Before starting to fix it i’ve many other guides that can be useful in this situation. You can use fix not registered on network ” , ” Restore Null IMEI ” , ” Fix error while searching network and  Fix Unable to send message “. 

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy No Service

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy No Service:

Kindly follow all the steps carefully in order to fix Samsung Galaxy no Service problem. The main reason of no service error is that your device radio turns off automatically.

  • First open dialer.
  • Now dial  *#*#4636#*#* .
  • Now you’ll be in service mode.
  • Run Ping test.
  • Turn off radio/turn on radio.
  • Now restart your device.

You can apply these steps on the following devices:

  • samsung galaxy s3 No Service 
  • samsung galaxy s2 No Service 
  • samsung galaxy s3 No Service  t mobile
  • samsung galaxy s 4g blaze  No Service  network
  • samsung galaxy s4  No Service  on network
  • samsung galaxy s5 No Service 

NO service error occurs most of the time because of Null IMEI means if you check your IMEI you’ll get a pop-up showing Null/Null instead of the numeric number. If the given method didn’t worked for you then you can use the following guides.

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