How To Fix Facebook App Connection Lost On Android


Here’s how you can fix Facebook App Connection Lost On Android, when ever you face such issue you cannot use Facebook app all you see is a message on top saying ” No Connection or Connection lost ” it doesn’t matter how many time you pull down to refresh it. In the following guide i’ll tell you how you can fix Facebook app lost connection on Android.

Fix Facebook app Connection lost

How To Fix Facebook app Connection lost on Android:

Please follow all the steps carefully in order to fix the Facebook App connection lost issue on Android.

Step #1: First update to the latest version goto Google Play and see if there is an update, if there is install it. Also you can visit site like Apkbeast and Apkdash to download the latest version apk.

Step #2: Goto settings-> Manage Applications -> Facebook -> Clear Data. Now open Facebook app and login and again.

Step # 3: Menu>Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Downloaded>Press Facebook and choose Uninstall. Now install the latest version of Facebook.

Step #4: After trying all these steps you are still facing the same issue, i would suggest you should download the pervious Facebook app version which was working fine before.

Step # 5: If Facebook is still causing issues then i think you should try Facebook lite.

Step # 6: Change the language to English and restart the phone. I hope your Facebook app is working fine now.

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