How To Enable/Activate WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature On Android [ Update 1x ]


Now a days all i am seeing is that people are waiting to get their WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature On Android. WhatsApp is making it more interesting and also it free advertisement, you can enable your WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature On Android  after some one give you a call. For those who don’t know yet what to do, Here’s how you can Enable/Activate WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature On Android .

In the following step by step i’ll tell you how you can enable WhatsApp voice calling feature on Android, sorry for iOS user they have to wait a bit longer to avail WhatsApp voice calling feature.


How To Enable/Activate WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature On Android:

Step#1: First of all you have to download the latest WhatsApp version.

Step#2: Now you have to ask your friend to call you, who has already got the voice calling feature.

Step#3: Once you receive the call, close your WhatsApp messenger and restart your device.

Step#4: After you restart your device and open WhatsApp you’ll see a new tab as shown in the above image. Calls.

Now that you’ve successfully activated WhatsApp calling feature, you can call everyone in your WhatsApp contact list. Also, help your friends who are waiting to get their hands on WhatsApp calling feature. In case something went wrong and your WhatsApp calling feature is not enabled, follow the steps below to fix it.

Step#1: Make a backup of your WhatsApp and uninstall it.

Step#2: Now download and install the latest WhatsApp from the Play Store or find its APK online.

Step#3: Try rooting your device.

Step#4: Deactivate your account then reactivate it.

Step#5: Update your device to latest OS.

How to enable WhatsApp voice calls (with root):

Step#1: First make sure your device is rooted.

Step#2: Now goto Google Play Store and install Android terminal emulator.

Step#3: Type following command and press enter.

su -c am start -n com.whatsapp/com.whatsapp.HomeActivity

Step#4: Now close your WhatsApp and restart your device.

All Done !.

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  1. hello

    as per instruction, but still there is not start whatsapp voice calling in my device
    i have samsung grand GT-I9082

  2. hello ,

    I have Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime… as per instruction, but still there is not start whatsapp voice calling in my device.. I think there is a problem with Samsung mobile……

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