How to enable Call Recording on Galaxy Note 10


This is the guide to Enable Call Recording on Galaxy Note 10. Note 10 has in-built call recording that you can easily enable.

enable Call Recording on Galaxy Note 10
Call Recording on my Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Call Recording

The call recording feature is something that Android users have been utilizing for almost a decade. Unlike iOS, Android’s diverse nature allows call recording. Many phone makers have often tried to kill the call recording feature keeping in view the privacy concerns, but the number of users looking at the Call Recording feature as a utility is higher than those seeing it as a privacy concern.

Phone manufacturers like Huawei and Samsung have introduced call recording as an in-built feature in their phones. Huawei has its own Call Recorder that users can even install on other Huawei phones. Samsung, on the other hand, has the call recording in the call settings of its phones.

The availability of this feature, however, totally depends on what region you are in. In a number of countries, call recording is seen as a serious privacy concern and those countries do not legalize it. In countries like India, Call Recording is completely legal. If you own a Samsung phone in India or other countries where it is legal, you can easily enable the feature.

Many users do not even know that the Call Recording exists in their phones. This is why they keep on missing it for years.

Today, in this guide, I will show you how you can enable call recording on Galaxy Note 10. The same call recording guide can be used to enable call recording on any other Samsung phone too.

Enable Call Recording on Galaxy Note 10

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Follow these few steps to Enable Call Recording on Galaxy Note 10.

  1. Open the Phone application on Galaxy Note 10.

    First of all, open the Phone/Dialer on the Note 10. Navigate to the Keyboard and click on hamburger-icon > settings.

  2. In the call settings, find “Call Recording”.

    You will be in the call settings now. There is a list of options here. You have to locate Call Recording and click on it.Call recording on galaxy note 10

  3. Enable Call Recording.

    Turn on the Call Recording from the available preferences now. The call recording is now on and works when you make a call.Call recording on galaxy note 10

  4. Make a call and record it.

    Dial any number on your phone. You will see the Record button on the dialer. It will appear for incoming calls too. You can choose to record the calls.

  5. Find the recording in the recorded calls folder.

    The recorded calls will appear under the recorded calls folder in the internal storage of your phone. That’s all.

That’s all. Once again, I’d like to emphasize on the legality of call recording which completely depends on your region. If you are recording someone’s call in a country where its illegal, it can land you in serious trouble. The guide above is only for educational purposes.

If you have any questions/queries, feel free to reach out to us. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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Last Updated: 26th October 2019

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  1. Thanks for the article. However my call settings show just as the first image you posted with no call recording option. Is there anyway I can enable it?

      • Yeah I’m not just trying to be negative or anything because I appreciate you taking the time to post the info. But I’m guessing the Note 10 you have is the international one with the Exynos processor because they come with the call recording option unlocked and available in call settings, but unfortunately the US version with the Qualcomm processor comes with the call recording option completely removed from the call settings even though it’s capable of doing it (which is just beyond frustrating).

        I’ve always had root on my phones up until now and if you could root the US Note 10 it would be super easy to add the option back into call settings, because all you’d have to do is get a copy of the csc file from the international variant and replace the csc file on the US variant with it and then just reboot the phone.. and after that the call recording option will be available (and works perfectly) under call settings just like it should be. But unfortunately it looks like we’re reaching the end of the road when it comes to rooting anymore.. which apparently means I’ll be getting screwed out of my call recording from now on so that’s great.

        So anyway when I saw the title of your post I was hoping that maybe you found a way to “unlock it” and add it back to the call settings for the Qualcomm variants without root but no such luck I guess.

        • Thanks for the reply. My question however is that, even though mine is the international edition with exynos processor, how come the call recording is not showing in the call settings?

  2. Guys seriously dump these stupid Samsung note 10 pluses that are overpriced and buy the Huawei phones, The Note 10 plus doesn’t have half the features that the Huawei P30 Pro has.

  3. Hi, if i were to flash my note 10 plus with india firmware would it work? Im using the Eynos dual sim which looks the same with india.

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