How To Download and Install Technical Preview of Windows 10

Microsoft unveiled the Windows 10 a couple of days ago and like any other Windows version, the developer preview or Technical Preview of latest Windows Image is available for download and Install, after a little bit of requirements and time. The main purpose of this preview is so Miscorosft can learn the Mistakes in the System for further updated, but also what else can be put in this Windows. Technically it is only for developers, but Microsoft has given the option to everyone and those who wants to try a little taste of Windows 10, they can fulfill the requirements and download and install the Developer preview of Windows 10, on the other hand, a great publicity stunt for Microsoft too, to promote the upcoming Windows without any help from 3rd party.

However, installing such things also has some danger, since they are beta release without any security at all, and also with too less compatibility, you can expect a lot of Crashes, unnecessary deleting of your data, lag, might be no smoothness at all,simply means bugs and issues will be at every corner of this Technical Preview, if you still want to Continue, ready your device and follow ahead. For that you will need a Machine with Windows compatibility, at-least 1GHz of Processor, 1GB of RAM for 32-bit 2GB for 64-bit and at-least 16GB of storage, a Graphic Chip with DirectX 9 or above an active internet connection and a Microsoft account.

How To Download and Install Windows 10 Technical Preview:


  1. Visit and click “Join Now” and Sign-up.
  2. Once you are over with Sign-up, download the ISO Specific to your device and your need.
  3. Once you have downloaded the ISO, you need to burn it to USB drive, also create a bootable one, Follow the Link to find out how
  4. Now all you need is to start the installation from the Boot Menu and follow on-screen instructions to complete the Installation.
  5. That’s it, since it is only a Preview, it won’t take any long, after the installation, you’ll be directly taken to the Configure screen, from there you’ll see some of the nifty features Microsoft has ported in Windows 10.
  6. Good luck and Enjoy
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