How to clear Cache of Galaxy S10 without losing data


Samsung’s Galaxy S10 and S10+ are two of the best devices currently. These offer probably the best phone display along with beast performance and features out there. You get one of the best smartphone cameras and unparalleled performance in one package. This guide however if for those whose Galaxy S10, S10+ or even S10E starts getting slower. Moreover, if the phone’s battery is getting affected, use this guide to clear cache on both S10 and S10+. Same method applies to S10E as well. Note that when you follow this particular guide, none of the personal data on your device is deleted. It is all safe when process is done.

how to clear cache of galaxy s10 without losing data

When or why to clear Cache?

Cache storage is basically there to speed up the loading time of apps and overall system. It stores all the data that a user loads again and again. Be it thumbnails, some preferences or something else. It also extends to particular apps’ data. It holds stuff that any users accesses again and again from same place. This is why, none of this data holds any importance. It can be deleted and nothing is affected.

When the Galaxy S10/S10+ starts getting slower or the apps do not work normally, it is an indication that cache is now corrupted. It may seem very trivial but this happens very often. Moreover, if you apply an update like a security patch or a major OS update, the old cache can make new update not work properly. Sometimes, the Galaxy S10 may get slow after installing new update. In order to fix this, clear the cache storage.

Similarly, when apps are updated, the old cache may not work properly with new update. This results in lot of force closed errors. In order to fix all of these issues, we have to clear the cache partition.

How is cache stored in Galaxy S10 devices

In total, there are two main cache stores in these devices. The first one is system wide cache partition. It contains everything. We usually need to wipe it when a system update is installed and phone does not work normally after it. This is accessed from the stock recovery. We are assuming that most people run with stock recovery therefore, this guide only targets that.

Secondly, each app has a cache storage. It is accessible via each app’s settings menu. Normally, you can clear both the data and cache of these apps. However, some apps may only restrict it to cache option. Since it is the safest option, there is no harm in clearing it. Use this option when app does not work properly after an app update from Play Store.

How to clear cache of Galaxy S10/S10+/S10E from Recovery without losing data

This is the main cache store in Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10E. It holds the cache memory for all apps, system apps / processes. Therefore, clearing it means phone is kind of getting a fresh start. Everything will get cached once again. Moreover, if there were any errors before, they will be gone after clearing the cache.

Follow the steps below to clear cache of Galaxy S10, S10+ or S10E without losing data. None of the personal data or data stored on internal storage is deleted. Make sure that you do not mistake hard reset for it. It is usually labelled as “Wipe cache partition”.

Some people worry that clearing cache may take away personal data too. However, it does not.


Time needed: 5 minutes.

Follow the steps below to clear Galaxy S10/S10+/S10E cache without losing data.

  1. Turn on screen and hold Power button for few seconds.

    Keep the button pressed until you see the icon for turning the phone off.

  2. Tap on the Power Off icon in new pop up.

    After tapping it, wait for few seconds for the phone to shut down.

  3. Wait for few seconds until phone is completely shut down.

    It is important since we need to open recovery in next step.

  4. Once phone is turned off, press and hold Volume Up + Power + Bixby buttons.

    Keep these buttons pressed until you see the Samsung logo.

  5. If there is a Samsung logo, then tap on it. It will open the Recovery screen now.

    The recovery screen is with dark background. Since it is stock recovery, the touchscreen does not work here.

  6. Use the volume keys to navigate between options in the stock recovery menu.

    Use volume keys to go up and down in menu. Do not try to use touchscreen here.

  7. Navigate to the option called “Wipe Cache Partition” and press power button.

    In stock recovery, power button is the selection key.

  8. Confirm it in next step and wait for cache to wipe.

    You will see bunch of stuff in the log. It indicates what is going on in background.

  9. Once done, select the Reboot option and press Power button to restart the phone.

    It may not start automatically. Therefore, use the reboot option after clearing cache on Galaxy S10.

  10. That’s it! First reboot will take a bit longer than usual.

    Since the phone is once again building up cache for apps and system, the first reboot after clearing cache will take longer than usual.

How to clear an App’s cache

Use the steps below to clear cache storage of any particular app on Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ or Galaxy S10E. This is particularly useful when a certain app starts misbehaving. An app like Google Play Services may start consuming too much battery, present login issues, or show the App closed errors.

Cache memory stores all the repetitive information for an app to work. If this data gets corrupted, the overall performance or app itself may be degraded. Use the following steps to clear cache of both user-installed and stock apps on Galaxy S10 series devices.

  • Open Settings.
  • Scroll down to “Apps” and tap on it.
  • This list only shows the user-installed and non-system apps.
  • In order to access System apps like Play Services, tap on options icon in top corner and tap on “Show system Apps”.
  • Scroll down this list to find the app you’re looking for.
  • Tap on its icon.
  • In next screen, tap on “Storage”.
  • Now use the “Clear cache” option here.
  • This option will clear only the cache for that particular app.
  • If you want to completely reset data for that app, then use “Clear data” option too.


Above mentioned are the two main methods of clearing cache on Galaxy S10+, S10 and S10E without losing personal data. It only clears app specific data that is basically regenerated with each use. Clearing cache helps in boosting the device’s performance and especially clearing errors. If an app or the phone itself starts misbehaving, clearing cache can fix some issues. Both of these methods are totally safe to use since they only make use of stock tools. All of these functions are built-in by Samsung.

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