How to check RAM of an Android phone


So you bought a new phone but you don’t know what RAM does your phone have? Well, here is the guide to check RAM of an Android phone. Before you jump up to the method to find out the RAM of your phone, let us learn a little bit about the purpose of RAM in an Android phone.

RAM in an Android phone

RAM is one of the three most important components of an Android smartphone. The processing speed of your Android phone, after the CPU, relies on the RAM. Higher is the RAM of your Android phone, better will be its performance.

Gone are the days when Android phones used to come with a RAM of 1 or 2GB. Phone manufacturers like Huawei, Xiaomi, and Samsung are adding a RAM of 3GB or 4GB in their low-end smartphones these days. Manufacturers like OnePlus and Samsung have even gone beyond limits to add a RAM of 10GB or 12GB in their phones. To cut it short, the Android phones these days have more RAM than a PC.

check RAM of an Android phone

The Android gaming and apps industry has evolved enormously over the last few years. These days, the Apps and Games require very powerful hardware to run on. The industry standards have changed. Games and apps today have become resource hungry and phone manufacturers are trying their best to meet the new industry standards.

Manufacturers try their best to make their smartphones compatible with every single app or game out there. Having more RAM on your Android phone makes it compatible with more applications. It also leaves room for better multitasking. Higher RAM can lead to better resource management on a phone as well. If you have a fond of playing multiple heavy games at the same time, you definitely need a heavier RAM in your Android phone.

If you want to find out what is the RAM capacity of your Android phone, but you are unable to find it in the settings application, then this guide is all you need. This guide will show you the steps to find out the RAM of your phone without searching online.

Check RAM of an Android phone

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Follow these simple steps to find out RAM of an Android phone.

  1. Open Google Play Store on your phone.

    Make sure your phone is connected to the internet. Now open the Google Play Store and let it load.

  2. Install Hardware Info from the Play Store.

    Find “Hardware Info” application in the Play Store. As you find this app, install it.

  3. Open Hardware Info from the app drawer.

    Hardware Info will now appear under the app drawer on the phone. Open the application now.

  4. The third tab “Memory” shows the RAM of your phone.

    Next to the processor and display tabs is the Memory tab. This tab shows the RAM of your phone. You can expand it to see System RAM. In the picture below, the 8GB RAM of OnePlus 6 can be seen. Keep in mind that the exact RAM can never be seen. You just have to see the RAM in MB’s and convert it into GBs. 7637MB RAM shown in the picture below translates to 8GB.
    check RAM of an Android phone


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