How To Spy On Your WhatsApp Contact’s Last Seen With WhatsDog



Facebook acquired the world’s most popular social chat app, WhatsApp few months back and the very first thing Facebook did was the addition of some features including privacy. Many of the users wanted to have the privacy settings on WhatsApp so that they can protect their profile picture, WhatsApp status, last seen status etc. Some third party applications allowed the users to restrict their last seen, but that was quite manual and those apps always turned off the WiFi whenever the user  connected WhatsApp. With the roll out of WhatsApp privacy settings, it’s much easy for the users to hide their last seen status, they can show it to only those who have saved their number, they can hide it from everyone, and they can show it to everyone. Now that this feature is there, it might freak out some people, specially when you’ve to talk to someone keeping a check on their availability or you just talk too much with someone whether it’s some friend of yours or your boyfriend or girl  friend, and he/she suddenly hides the WhatsApp last seen status, its going to freak you out when you can’t catch them online, and they just give you this lame excuse that they never came online and they never saw your message while actually they did see it and ignored by choice. What would you do in such a case? you can’t tell the other person, you can’t blame him/her until and unless you find him online, otherwise you’re never going to know when that person came up on WhatsApp and when was the last time your message was seen.

It might frustrate some people, but since we live in a too advanced era, nothing is hard to tackle down and something new and interesting comes every second and when we specifically talk about Android, we have to forget the impossibilities and limits. One such thing has been done for WhatsApp as well. A new application, named as “WhatsDog. Your WhatsApp Watchdog”  by Second Lemon allows the users to spy on the activities of their WhatsApp contacts. WhatsDog stays connected in the background and intelligently detects your desired contacts activity, it records when the person came online, for how long he stayed online and when he/she left WhatsApp, in short, it not only tells you the last seen time, it tells you every single thing about that person’s online span. All it requires is, you need to add the number you want to spy and WhatsDog will do the job. WhatsDog displays a very nice calender which has a record of your contact’s activities with the date and time. You can enable the notifications and as soon as it detects your desired contact’s activity, a notification will pop up in the notification bar. WhatsDog comes with a plethora of features that you may try out once you start using this application. This might be best solution to get rid of any lame excuses if you’re coming across and handle the situation nicely.

Let’s get back to our topic. As you move forward, you will come across a guide that will explain how you can use WhatsDog to spy on your contact’s activities and how you can keep a track of a person’s last seen status, it doesn’t matter whether the person has hidden it, or you’re simply blocked, or the person is using and Android device or an iPhone. WhatsDog will still work and inform you. Let’s go through the features and use of this application now.

WhatsDog features:

Why should I use WhatsDog?
– No more excuses
– Because your boyfriend/girlfriend won’t be able to lie anymore
– Because you will be capable of monitoring if he/she went out yesterday
– Because you’ll be alert: you’ll know when WhatsApp is opened by your contact

Prominent characteristics:
– You can sign in with multiple Google accounts.
– WhatsApp connections monitoring of the number you choose.
– A notification will be sent to your device at every connection of the monitored number.
– You’ll find a direct access button to WhatsApp in WhatsDog.
– List of all the recent WhatsApp connections/disconnections .
– There’s going to be an intuitive and simple calendar with WhatsApp history connections/disconnections.
– WhatsDog is going to assess the WhatsApp level of addiction of your contact and a statistical overview of the connections/disconnections.
– Configure the settings in order to silence notifications.

How To Spy On Your WhatsApp Contact’s Last Seen With WhatsDog

  1. Download and install WhatsDog on your Android device.
  2. Open WhatsDog from app drawer
  3. Select / add the contact, of whom you want to monitor the last seen status / activity.
  4. Now wait for WhatsDog to get activated.
  5. Once done, you will start receiving activity notifications.
  6. You can explore WhatsDog settings and set the notification tones and other options.
  7. You can find the calender button atop of this application that has the history of activities.
  8. That’s all.

WhatsDog1 WhatsDog2 WhatsDog3 WhatsDog4
That’s all with the use of WhatsDog. We hope that you will find this application useful. Just in case you got any queries, drop em’ in the comment box below.